Iain Moss
Iain Moss
Posted 10 June 2021

What can you expect when upgrading an ESP to a Customer Data and Marketing Platform?

Topics: ESPs, Innovation

Picture the scene: you’re a marketer working for a fast-growing retail company with ambitious targets. You’ve been using a basic email service provider (ESP) to engage with your customers, and taking a fairly simple and low-cost approach to email, which has been bringing orders in for you.

Now, you’re at a point where you want to take growth to the next level, and you’re trying to get to grips with your customer data to understand how you can increase your customer lifetime value. However your ESP doesn’t give you much insight into your customers beyond email engagement metrics like open rate and click rate. 

If this scene sounds familiar to you, or you’re seeing these signs we outlined in this document, then you are probably looking to move on from your basic ESP. But what can you expect from an upgrade? Here are some examples from some of our customers who chose to move on from a legacy ESP and move to Ometria.


As a digital-first business, where the customer journey begins and ends online, it’s essential that a brand like Made.com is able to send customers the right message at the right time. Made.com were growing at 30-40%, so were firmly in that fast-growth phase. WIth a wide range of product categories and styles, they realised that the customer journey looked very different for every shopper. “Ultimately it’s about understanding customers and where they are in their purchase journey, and how we can best support their needs,” said Spencer Wong, Head of Digital Experience. So it was time to upgrade.

“As a fast growth business, an engaged and active subscriber base is critical, and in our first year with Ometria our email revenue has grown twice as quickly as the overall business.” 


Tech21 were another brand that were keen to put the customer at the heart of everything they do, but found that they needed to upgrade their existing ESP in order to achieve this. With ambitious plans to grow their online presence, they needed sophisticated customer insights in order to create great experiences for each shopper, but their legacy ESP was holding them back. 

Migrating away quickly was crucial. With Ometria, Tech21 were able to fully integrate within 17 days, and able to start sending emails immediately. “We were impressed with the speed that Ometria could work at and the support we received throughout the process. We were able to see value and begin to see ROI within a very short window.” said Cat Evans, Global Marketing and CRM Director at Tech21.

Emma Sleep

Emma Sleep are an exciting brand with a loyal and growing customer base who were looking to take things to the next level. “We wanted a single place to orchestrate our whole retention strategy to engage with our customers across all relevant channels with meaningful, personalized marketing messages,” Amir Bolouryazad, Head of Engagement Marketing told us. 

Their existing provider was not able to match this level of ambition, so Amir and the team looked elsewhere: “We chose Ometria to power this because we felt that both the robust tech and the specialist team would enable us to hit our ambitious CRM growth plans,” Amir said.

Green People

Being able to drive repeat purchases through replenishment campaigns is a challenge for online beauty brands. Marketers have to rely on guesswork to decide on the right timeline to send an email, or can end up manually analyzing purchase data in order to trigger workflows. Multiply this by all the different product types, and you have yourself a mess if you don’t have the right ESP. 

Green People were able to do this with Ometria. By identifying the best products for a replenishment campaign using algorithms, the team were able to calculate the best possible time to send a campaign. As a result, Green People saw a 33% uplift in repurchase rate, and a 37% uplift in revenue per contact. 

“We’ve been really impressed with the results from this campaign, which after the initial set up have needed very little maintenance.” Amy Saunders, Creative Content Team Leader.

Green People
Green People
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