Alegria Adedeji
Alegria Adedeji
Posted 20 February 2020

The common thread Spotlight: How to create an immersive customer journey online with 31DOVER

The UK alcohol industry is currently valued at €65 million . The true extent of the current market boom can been seen in the growing trend of craft and artisan beers, alongside the growing beer-only venues and sites that sell them. This trend is even changing how beer is being consumed in bars with a change from glass steins to shorter aluminium cans. The alcohol industry, like many others, is undergoing a digital transformation.

With the majority of millennial shoppers purchasing their perishable goods solely online, and over half of all shoppers purchasing at least some of their items via a site, it is safe to presume that devices may soon replace the shopping trolley. So, it isn’t too much of a wild step to imagine this is how the majority of alcohol will soon be purchased.

So, what does all this mean for the customer experience? Alcohol, being a beverage used in spaces for socialising, will now be able to go directly to the consumer, in the comfort of their home. How do you create the same excitement a shopper may feel choosing a wine for dinner with a loved one or picking up a six-pack on en-route to a party? 

The Common Thread spoke with Olivia Delebarre of 31DOVER, the retailer selling alcohol solely online, about how it creates marketing experiences that customers will love enough to choose them over the local corner shop. 


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Introduction to Olivia and 31DOVER:

Start – 03:50 

  • Olivia’s entry into eCommerce marketing 
  • Her start in Paid Social shaping how she views Marketing as 360 
  • 31DOVER’s pivot from trade sales to selling directly to customers 


The democratisation of selling (alcohol) online:

03:51 – 07:15 

  • 31DOVER’s journey towards scaling as a business 
  • The split between selling online to B2B and B2C, the challenges and wins 
  • Convenience as as a USP within the beverage market 
  • The power of “next-day” delivery within niche sub-verticals 


Marketing strategies for a direct-to-consumer service 

07:16 – 15:05

  • How to choose the right marketing platform and partners 
  • The challenges of ‘re-platforming’ and integration with marketing platforms
  • Creating a brand story as for each brand on the site, alongside 31DOVER
  • How the backend of the site works without an in-house development team  
  • The impact of a marketing platform on conversion rate 
  • The challenges of SEO vs. customer journey 


The challenges around selling alcohol online 

15:06 – 27:48

  • The specific challenges of selling alcohol online
  • Realities of making the most of marketing as a brand reseller 
  • The necessity of consistently testing your strategies across your stack
  • Regulations around alcohol advertising and limitations from partners
  • Going cross-channel and creating brand awareness offline 
  • How to mass market when your vertical is niche or taboo
  • Re-engaging seasonal buyers 
  • How 31DOVER continues to sell during “Dry January” 


Creating repeat purchases with subscription clubs 

27:49 – 31: 22

  • How 31DOVER keeps shoppers reengaged 
  • Creating memorable customer experiences by rewarding repeat shoppers 
  • Using insight to create tailored messages for subscribers 



31:23 – end 

  • The use of voice assistants creating ‘ease’ and ‘convenience’
  • Increasing demands of customers and how to reach their expectations

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