Hannah Stacey
Hannah Stacey
Posted 09 May 2018

4 Retailers Proving Welcome Emails Are Still a Smart Way to Tell Your Brand’s Story

Ecommerce welcome emails In the online retail space, brand storytelling is essential for any ecommerce retailer wanting to set themselves apart from the crowd and build a database of loyal customers and prospects.

Welcome emails are a unique opportunity to achieve brand buy-in early on in the customer journey (at a time when it’s most important to make a great impression and foster connections).

This blog post will take a look at four online retailers using their welcome emails as a golden opportunity for some good old brand storytelling. By that, we mean that they…

  • Have a clear brand tone of voice

  • Convey the brand’s values and ethos

  • Tell the brand’s story


1) ME + EM

When it comes to welcome emails, you only have a certain amount of time to make a strong impression and communicate what you want to say.

In the below welcome email, clothing brand ME + EM highlights its core values by combining minimal copy and striking images into multiple content blocks.

me + em welcome email

Why we love it

〰️ The email kicks off with a friendly welcome note from the Founder, where she explains what inspired her to start the brand  (“to create beautiful pieces that would do it all”). 

〰️ ME + EM’s core values are communicated via a selection of simple but strong words, each accompanied by a suitable image. 

Top Tip

If a new subscriber makes a purchase whilst signing up to your brand, remember to: thank them for their purchase, remove any first-purchase discounts from your welcome email (if this is something you offer) and use dynamic content to tailor the content of the email to the product/s purchased (e.g. relevant product recommendations).


2) Ohh Deer

Pretty much everything about quirky illustrated gifts and cards retailer Ohh Deer is fun—including its automated email marketing. From the eye-catching “Yay!” to the colourful, “hand drawn” arrows and notes, everything about the below welcome email is on brand.

Ohh Deer welcome email -1 


Why we love it

〰️ Ohh Deer’s quirky personality is reflected in the email’s design (fun and colourful) and copy (warm and friendly tone).

〰️ Interesting facts about the brand are communicated via short and sweet scribbles (e.g. the fact it works with over 100 artists and was founded by an illustrator and an architect).


Tweak your welcome email according to the season—whether that’s scattering a few pumpkins around your hero image for Halloween or decking out the whole email template for Christmas. You can check out more ideas on this here.

New call-to-action

3) Neom Organics 

Founded by a former editor at Glamour magazine, it’s no surprise that Neom Organics has got storytelling down to a T. Below, we take a closer look at the brand’s welcome email—sent to us from the natural fragrances brand shortly after signing up.

Neom organics welcome email

Why we love it

〰️ The email succinctly states the brand’s guiding principle: that wellbeing starts with little moments.

〰️ It introduces Neom’s four core ranges, using different colours to make each one pop out from the rest of the copy and consequently stick in a recipient’s mind.

〰️ The free ebook (a guide to help you sleep) reinforces the brand’s overall identity, which is to inspire customers to live naturally healthier lives.

Top Tip

Use any information gleaned during the signup process to personalise your welcome email—for example, harnessing demographic information to determine whether the email should show womenswear or menswear.

4) Seraphine 

Last but not least comes a wonderful welcome email from international maternity fashion brand Seraphine.

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 14.25.02

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 14.26.27

Why we love it

〰️ The brand’s raison d’être (to enable women to be “fashionably pregnant”) is highlighted straight off, thanks to the personal tone “Nice to meet you mama!” and the handwritten-style copy as an added touch.

〰️The note reinforces the leading brand message that all of the designs at Séraphine are created with the goal of overcoming the challenge of being both stylish and comfortable whilst pregnant “and beyond” meaning that they have the customer in mind even after the baby has arrived, especially as new mothers will value comfort alongside style.

〰️ The added quote from Vogue works as social proof that the brand aims to make expectant mothers feel stylish and this is agreed upon by the world’s most famous fashion magazine. This works to instil a level of trust in the customer, as  the brand is being co-signed as being very fashion-forward. 

〰️ The invitation to read the blog post also cements a brand story, as their content will highlight their tone of voice, talking points and encourage shoppers to engage more readily with their marketing messages – especially as the content will be relatable. 


Use your welcome email as an opportunity to tell your email subscribers about your social media channels and any big social campaigns you have going on, inviting them to get involved.

Key takeaways

When it comes to creating killer welcome emails that introduce new subscribers to your brand and its values, you should consider the following:

  • Tone of voice: Is the tone of your email in-keeping with the rest of your communications? Your welcome emails are your first big opportunity to showcase your brand, so make sure your copy is spot on.

  • Brand history: Does your company have an interesting story? If the answer is ‘yes’, your welcome email is a great opportunity to use your history to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack and make your brand more memorable. If the answer is ‘no’, all is not lost – there are more options!

  • Founding teams: Consumers like to know there are ‘real people’ behind brand names, so consider introducing your founding team, or key members of staff.

    Bonus idea

  • Behind the scenes: Make people feel like they’re part of an exclusive club of insiders by giving them a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes at your brands.

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