Jessica Beam
Jessica Beam
Posted 04 August 2022

Email + SMS pt II – Using SMS as a channel

Previously we discussed how email and SMS could be used together to increase brand loyalty and boost long-term customer value. Read why email and sms are the ‘perfect pairing’ here

Now the trick is answering how to effectively use email and SMS not only to drive sales but build relationships with customers and increase your brand loyalty. 

Outline your motivations and objectives

First, understand what and why you plan to add this to your marketing mix. Are you doing this because someone has asked, or because you feel this is a good fit for your business? 

SMS KPIs are different

Second, understand that success with SMS uses different KPIs, like SMS conversion, clicks, and revenue, and make sure there is internal alignment in implementing and managing this program. Although some companies dedicate one person to SMS, it can also be managed by the broader digital, brand, or loyalty email marketing teams. 

Now it’s all about growth

Once you’ve established who will manage your SMS channel, your first order of business will be to grow your subscriber list. If you are working with our partner Attentive they’ll first help you create and schedule sign-up units. After your customers have opted in for text messages, you’ll want to send a triggered welcome message that introduces your subscribers to your brand. This is also a chance to gain a deeper understanding of your subscribers’ personal preferences. Integrating your SMS platform with your email provider, ecommerce platform, or customer support tools will let you create a seamless brand experience.  

SMS is great for time-sensitive content and two-way communication, while email may be best used for long-form visual content. Brands often send a welcome email to their new subscribers and mention how they can opt-in for SMS as well. Throughout the rest of their customer’s journey, they may alternate from SMS to email depending on where in the journey the customer is at. 

Some retailers only use SMS for transactional conversations, like –shipping and order updates, service issues, etc. This allows them to use email to promote brand imagery and elevate the brand that way. Depending on your approach, you may decide to completely separate the two streams into different channels, or experiment with offers and brand content in SMS format. 

Integrating your SMS platform with your email provider, like Ometria, creates a unified experience and allows for more personalization in your marketing strategy. As a brand ask your customers what their preferred channel is for different types of communication via preference collection and welcome flows so that you can effectively talk to consumers in the channels they want to engage with.

Deliver consistent experiences that your customers will love, across email and SMS 

Drive more revenue growth by using Ometria’s customer data management functionality to enrich your Attentive audience data. You can now sync your contacts and segments in Ometria with Attentive and use these insights to power SMS campaigns, enabling you to maintain a consistent customer experience across email and SMS marketing channels. The sync is near real-time and Attentive is updated every time there is a change to a synced segment, so any contacts who enter or exit your Ometria segment will also be added or removed from your Attentive segment. Find out more 

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