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Iain Moss Senior Content Manager at Ometria
Posted 15 March 2021

How Footasylum adopted a test-and-learn strategy to personalizing abandonment campaigns

Topics: Customer segmentation

In this session Catherine Frame, CRM Manager at fashion streetwear retailer Footasylum, shared lessons learned from the company’s new approach shift to abandonment campaigns.

Footasylum wanted to reduce its reliance on broadcast email campaigns because they are time-consuming and resource intensive. The team wanted to identify more opportunities and increase revenue by implementing automated campaigns focused on abandonment because it had the most potential to hit ambitious targets quickly.

Previously, basic abandonment campaigns had not performed well, but with the help of Ometria the business honed its focus on open rate and conversion rate. Success was driven by a consistent test-and-learn approach where each step forward was based on the evaluation and performance of the previous change.

Footasylum developed an automated abandoned browser campaign that segmented based on category (footwear, clothing and accessories) and then gender. It also targeted consumers of children’s products (bearing in mind that kids do not shop for themselves).

For abandoned carts, the team developed a split campaign segmented by cart size. Footasylum has a large array of product price points and they know some customers will never cross over to a higher price point (e.g., £200 trainers).

They concentrated on increasing the frequency of communication to the lower-value segment by including messages in consumer emails that their cart was nearly at the threshold to qualify for free shipping and showing products within their price range to motivate a higher purchase.

Footasylum enjoyed phenomenal success with these campaigns, seeing automated revenue double in size. The abandoned browser campaign resulted in an open rate increase of 10% and a conversion rate increase of 30%; while the abandoned cart campaign delivered an open rate increase of 16% and conversation rate increase of 64%.

Key lessons:

  • Automated emails can drive significant revenue and help achieve ambitious growth targets
  • Different campaigns require different segmentation and personalization approaches
  • Let data drive the decisions – build a hypothesis, test it and keep refining
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