Alice Bedwell
Alice Bedwell
Posted 23 February 2023

Get Campaigns to Market Faster with Ometria’s AI Subject Line Generator

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AI in action for retail marketers

If you asked  5,000 retail marketers what their favorite part of their job was, it’s fair to say that the majority probably wouldn’t put subject line creation as their top rated task, or even close.

For such an important element within the scope of customer engagement, the act itself can ultimately be repetitive and time consuming.

But then AI stepped up. Chat GPT came along with the promise to revolutionize our work and make us more efficient. And even for the sceptics, what AI does well is automate those tasks we do over and over again, removing the knee-jerk reaction to put them off.

So, how does Ometria-powered AI provide a springboard for retail marketers to write creative content, faster?

We decided to put this new feature to the test, and asked Chris Axe, Lead Product Manager at Ometria, to run some suggested keywords through Ometria’s new Subject Line Generator.

We know that ‘blank page syndrome’ is a real thing for marketers whose days are filled, and leave little time for testing and learning (and everything else in between). This feature is designed to generate that starting point for you, meaning you and your team are able to find the inspiration you need to overcome the creative-freeze.

Being told to do more with less this year? Simply enter a few keywords and let Ometria’s Subject Line Generator do the rest.

Step 1: Go to the Campaign tab and choose Broadcast campaigns. Then proceed to the Template Builder.

Step 2: Enter your keywords of choice.

Step 3: Click the stars and let the AI Generator do the rest. Now you’re either good to go or inspired to tweak your new subject line.

“Not only does this help you bring your campaign to market much faster but also it gives you a better chance of finding interesting and unique subject lines to help you boost customer engagement.” Chris Axe, Product Lead at Ometria

Talk to the team today to find out how Ometria makes retail marketer’s lives easier across every marketing channel. Sign up for a demo.

“I genuinely love Ometria because of the number of things I can do. I’m no longer just building emails, copying and pasting content and images. I am actually now a CRM expert. I can delve into real data.” (Quote from Ometria’s Total Economic Impact Study™)

CRM Executive, Luxury Chocolate and Confectionary Retailer
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