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Posted 12 August 2020

Life at Ometria: Meet Ritesh (Customer Support)

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Life at Ometria, your chance to learn about the people behind the platform.

Ritesh, Customer Support 

Ometria’s Support team helps to ensure that our software delivers epic client happiness – from passing on simple “How do I…?” queries to internal teams to investigating data integrations, email template queries and more complex application problems. Ritesh, a Customer Support Engineer,  gives us a bit of insight into what it’s like to work in the Support team and what he enjoys about his role!

Can you tell us a little about your team?

The Support team is the first point of contact for any clients that have questions or are experiencing difficulties using the platform (for example, a campaign or a feature that isn’t working for them). We also help clients who have additional queries on functionality as well as support the internal teams at Ometria.

How did you get into support?

I graduated with a degree in computer science and was looking for a role where I could solve problems. The beauty of working in Support at Ometria is that you get to work with different people across different departments and, as a result, you tend to have a lot of learning opportunities.

Are there any misconceptions about working in a support role? 

Sometimes, there is a misconception that support roles only deal with queries like “I can’t log into my account”. At Ometria it’s much more in depth. For example,  it could be helping clients understand how their data flows into the account in order to check on their integration. We form really good relationships with our clients, and they come to us because they trust us – and not just when there is a problem. It’s rewarding!

What overall skills do you need to be successful in support?

You need to love problems and be excited to solve them. You need to look at many different scenarios and have the ability to test the scenarios, whilst also keeping in touch with the client. It is a constant stream of communication and education! 

You also need to be resilient – the first thing you try doesn’t always fix or solve the query. You have to try and try again, with the end goal of getting the client the answer they need, which helps them move forward. You also have to be open to other people’s advice. There are so many clients and so many different people in the business, you can’t depend solely on your own knowledge.

Why do you enjoy working in support at Ometria?

Some clients have been with the business since the beginning; we’ve formed really close relationships and it’s nice working with the same person. I imagine that in other companies customer support could become quite robotic. There is a genuine relationship between Ometria Support and our clients, which not only helps me and the Support team grow as people, but it’s also great to see how the clients evolve. Everything has its own personal touch. 

Where could a career in support at Ometria take you?

You learn so much about the Ometria platform, the application and various departments, there are so many different pathways you could choose. For example, your knowledge, experience and skills can take you  to different departments, like Project Management, Customer Success, Product or even a technical role. 

What’s been a highlight in your role?

One of our clients presented a problem that centered around issues within their website code, provided by a third party, that was interfering with the Ometria platform. It wasn’t just a simple question I had to answer, I owned the whole case. Rapport and trust were integral to managing this query as the third party had to make live changes based on my recommendations. All of us (the third party and client) worked together to implement my solution. I’m glad that I could fulfil our client’s trust and complete the project, which would not have been possible without building strong working relationships with both the client and third party.

Overall, how have you found your time at Ometria?

It’s been really interesting. I came from more of a corporate background and hadn’t dealt with clients on such a personal basis before. It has really helped me grow as a professional. The team around me is great and so experienced. They provide their time and guidance and are always willing to show how certain problems can be dealt with and resolved. I have gained more skills, both personal and professional, than I had in previous positions. I’m able to interact with company founders and executives on an everyday basis, and feel like I’m on the same level. On top of that, it’s been really fun! 

What piece of advice would you give to someone applying?

My main advice: Be enthusiastic about working in a close-knit team and proactive environment. This is an opportunity to learn, and nothing is the same every day. Every single case is going to be a little bit different and the opportunities for you to learn are going to be sky-high.

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