Iain Moss
Iain Moss
Posted 13 February 2021

Life at Ometria: Rita, Sr. CRM Strategist

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Rita is one of the longest standing Ometrians, having joined the company in March 2014. She has seen us grow from a basement in Mayfair to  office locations in London and New York. She’s advanced in her career at Ometria,  having recently been promoted to Senior CRM Strategist. Rita takes time from her busy schedule to share her journey with us.

Tell us a bit about what you do?

Last year, I started working with our two co-founders, Djalal and James, on a strategic project meant to define our “secret sauce” or in other words, our method of showing how and why we are unlike any  other solution in this space. This effort evolved into my new role as part of the Methodology team. The Ometria Methodology is designed to help our clients find the best business opportunities and leverage them with sophisticated marketing strategies. It’s a mix of data analysis, insights and CRM planning.

Prior to this role, I worked as an email marketing consultant on a per-project basis with the Professional Services team. I worked with both new clients and existing clients on their email strategies and provided extra support and strategic guidance on their customer marketing campaigns. 

Outside of my day-to-day responsibilities, one of my goals has been to establish myself as a thought leader. I recently presented a series of webinars on cross-channel marketing best practices. I also ran the “New World of Retail” academy, which was an online course for digital marketers adapting to the COVID-19 environment. I also deliver workshops for our Lifecycle conference every year.

You haven’t always been a CRM strategist how did you get your start?

I started as an intern and was doing a little bit of everything helping with marketing reporting and competitor research. I was employee number 11 at that time! I did that for three months and then I started working with James as well, helping around 30 of our customers. There was no dedicated customer success team or projects team back then, so I was doing a bit of both. 

After two years, my role became a bit more defined and focused on onboarding I worked with clients specifically when they joined but also kept tabs on anything strategy related. I then moved into a consulting role, which is where I honed my career-focused specialty. Our customers needed advice on how to take their marketing to the next level by leveraging the software and understanding of their data, ensuring they were as advanced and personalized as they could be with their retention marketing . And this is what I’ve been doing for the last 3 years!

You have been at Ometria for almost 7 years, what’s kept you here?

I’ve been able to shape the roles I have been in and really define what they look like I’ve been able to leave my mark. Having joined at such an early stage gave me an incredible opportunity to be very hands-on across different areas of the business and contribute to some of the processes and best practices we still use today.

I also love the culture. As we’ve gotten bigger it has evolved, but two things have remained the same:

  1. I’ve always worked on something really exciting and;
  2. I’ve always worked with smart people. 

It’s a really fun culture.

Trust is also important to me and it’s something I value the most. We are empowered to do our jobs with autonomy and given the freedom to take it upon ourselves to do better and improve. 

That’s what the future should be like in the workplace environment. Ometria is a great place to evolve.

What are some of your highlights from over the years?

There have been a few. Hitting the first one million dollars in revenue was pretty exciting. Although we have come such a long way, at the time it was a huge milestone because we were becoming a “proper” company. 

Also, managing through this new normal over the last year has served as solid proof that we can handle anything. It’s a testament to how strong we are as a company and how we can adapt quickly. 

What are you looking forward to this year?

I’m looking forward to further expansion in the US, helping US customers succeed, and getting to work in different markets. 

Thanks Rita! If you’re interested in where a career at Ometria could take you, check out our careers page at www.ometria.com/careers.

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