Alegria Adedeji
Alegria Adedeji
Posted 08 November 2018

Personalisation in Practice: How Manière de Voir used behavioural data to pre-empt customer needs

Founded in 2014 with the aim of creating luxury clothing and unisex accessories, Manière De Voir now MdV wants to make high end clothing more accessible both via price point and its online stores.

Guided by the three core brand principles ‘great design, premium quality, customer value’ the clothes retailer showcases its distinct style and the comfort of their items by maximising the use of multiple channels. Via social media especially, customers are encouraged to show off their wares and the brand continues to cultivate a strong following, regardless of gender.

Before the Ometria platform, Manière De Voir could only obtain customer data via signups, which limited how much information they could glean to truly learn about and understand its customers. As the brand wanted to tailor emails to suit customers who were shopping specifically for products based on gender, the lack of insight made it impossible to do so and craft the next-level personalised experience that they were aiming for.

This meant that emails were sent with both men’s and women’s items regardless of what the customer would usually purchase. Manière De Voir recognised that this could impact the customer experience and limited how advanced they could make their campaigns.

Using the Ometria platform, the clothing brand was able to segment customer data to learn about their shopping habits; hence they could take the process a step further, using behavioural data to preempt the email campaign that would be most relevant to the shopper based not only on their past purchases but now also their browse data. This enabled Manière De Voir to avoid presuming what shoppers would want to receive based merely on their gender or given full name. As customers have noted, one of their top frustrations is receiving content they don’t find relevant; Manière De Voir used next-level insight to truly personalise the customer experience based on their habits.

To further cement the success of their gender segmentation, Manière De Voir ran an A/B test, sending the previous email with both male and female products (A variant), and another specifically catered to the recipient (B variant). The latter highlighted the importance of their newer, more segmented strategy. With an open rate increase of 25% and click-through rate of 19%, the innovate campaign tweaks by Manière De Voir have impressed customers and created truly personalised experiences. 


Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 09.49.04Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 09.51.37
Examples of dynamic content that changed dependent on preference of the recipient 
Advancing the strategy has not added to our workload; we build the templates in the same way, except we are now able to utilise the dynamic content rules to personalise the content and improve performance” – Dan Shapiro, CRM Manager


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