Abi Davies
Posted 29 December 2017

Twenty-Two Must-Read Posts You Might Have Missed in 2017

ecommerce posts you should have read in 2017As the New Year heaves into view, we’ve taken a step back to revisit some of our most popular blog posts published in 2017 – with a few of our favourites from elsewhere thrown in for good measure.


Artificial Intelligence

1) What ecommerce marketing tasks can we trust machines with?

From Internet Retailing | This article explores how the role of the ecommerce marketer will change once AI has officially gone mainstream.

2) Four big ways AI can improve customer experience in online retail

From the Ometria blog | From predictive replenishment to taste profiling, here are four ways AI can—and will— improve your brand’s customer experience.

3) How ecommerce marketers can start using AI today

From the Ometria blog | How your brand could be using AI to augment its marketing right now.

Customer Journey marketing

4) ASOS and M&S: How do their lifecycle marketing strategies compare?

From the Ometria blog | We decided it was time to take a closer look at what these two retail giants were up to with their customer journey marketing.The results were nothing short of interesting.

5) Five examples of fantastic lifecycle marketing from Finery

From the Ometria blog | Here are a few examples of the email templates used by contemporary label Finery for its biggest lifecycle marketing campaigns.

6) Six reasons to reach out to a customer post first purchase

From the Ometria blog |  This post focuses specifically on six good reasons online retailers should get in touch with customers following their *first* ever purchase.

Cohort Analysis

7) Eight big ecommerce marketing questions cohort analysis can answer

From the Ometria blog | What cohort analysis is, and how today’s leading ecommerce marketers can use it.

Email Best Practice

8) Boost Deliverability with Optimal Text-to-Image Ratio in Emails

From Email Monks | A succinct exploration of the importance of paying attention to the text-to-image ratio in your email marketing campaigns.

9) Six secrets to upgrading your transactional emails

From the Ometria blog | Why it’s worth giving your transactional emails a well-needed revamp.

10) Fang-tastic emails we received from retailers this Halloween

From the Ometria blog | Every October, we forage through our inboxes to see which retailers are sending the  spookiest, smartest, emails. Here are 2017’s picks.

11) Five reasons why this fashion brand’s welcome series is so great

From the Ometria blog | As we all know, welcome emails are your chance to make a lasting impression. Here’s one fashion brand showing us all how it’s done.

12) Text-to-image ratio in email: advice from our in-house HTML experts

From the Ometria blog | Here at Ometria, our HTML team are passionate about well-crafted email templates, responsive design and deliverability, so we sat down with them to hear their key pieces of advice.



13) Expert opinion: Six things all ecommerce marketers should know about GDPR

From the Ometria blog | Ometria’s resident GDPR expert and General Counsel Julian Palmer explains exactly what the upcoming regulation means for ecommerce marketers.

14) Double opt-in: What does the perfect process look like?

From the Ometria blog | The argument for double opt-in has become a lot stronger in recent years, which is in part due to GDPR.

Mobile Apps

15) Why Gucci is still investing in its mobile app

From DIGIDAY UK | An article exploring how and why high-fashion brand Gucci was making the effort to “send shoppers in the holiday spirit to its branded app”.

Personalisation 2.0

16) The seven stages of smart ecommerce marketing

From Econsultancy | This post tackles the million-dollar question: What can today’s retailers do to stay on top of their game and pave the way for long-term prosperity?

17) Seven product recommendation engines (and when to use them)

From the Ometria blog | Seven recommendation engines that can help retailers put the best products in front of the best contacts.

18) Which marketing channels should you be personalising right now?

From the Ometria blog | Five channels all you ecommerce marketers should be personalising right now, and how you can go about doing it.

Social Media

19) Why Maybelline is winning at social media

From DIGIDAY UK | How Maybelline is successfully driving social media engagement in today’s competitive retail climate.

20) Behind Pinterest’s push to make the world pinnable

From Venture Beat | When it comes to retail, we all know how powerful Pinterest can be. This post takes a closer look at the tech giant’s “push to make the world pinnable”.

Future Retail Trends

21) Here are the key retail trends businesses need to watch out for over the next decade

From City AM  | City AM on the biggest retail trends you can expect to see in the coming years.

22) Three Big Trends Set to Dominate the Retail Marketing Scene in 2018

From the Ometria blog |  For our latest ebook, we asked 15 ecommerce marketing experts what they think will be a big trend or innovation in the coming year. Listed in this post are three things that came up.

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