Café du Cycliste

Premium cycling apparel retailer uses Ometria to personalise its retention marketing strategy

129% growth in reactivated customers
49% growth in total customers shopping, year-on-year
22% uplift in repeat rate

The Challenge

Before Ometria, Café du Cycliste’s marketing strategy revolved around sending mass, undifferentiated newsletters to its whole customer base.

Wanting to match its premium product offering with a more bespoke, personalised marketing experience throughout a customer’s journey with the brand, the cycling clothing retailer realised it was held back by its marketing setup.

Limited by its ESP, which was unable to match transactions with on-site behaviour and provide actionable insights into its customer base, Café du Cycliste wanted a solution that would bring all its customer data into one place, and enable its marketing team to personalise their marketing messages.

The Solution

Café du Cycliste called upon Ometria because it wanted a single solution that would provide both detailed customer insight and the ability to action that insight in a personalised retention marketing strategy.

With the help of Ometria’s retention marketing experts, the brand was able to set up:

  • A programme of advanced automated campaigns across the customer journey, segmented based on whether the customer visited a store or the website, their gender and location:
    • a welcome campaign personalised based on the channel the recipient came through (e.g. a Facebook competition vs on-site signup).
    • a ‘complete the look’ post-purchase campaign with lifestyle imagery and recommendations based on the individual customer’s taste profile and product affinity.
    • personalised cart, browse abandonment and lapsing customer ‘win-back’ campaigns
  • Newsletters personalised with insight from Ometria’s intelligence layer, with content tailored to the recipient’s gender, location, and whether they had recently engaged with the brand.
  • Targeted emails to specific customer segments – for example, those who had shopped in its London store – with relevant content.
Café du Cycliste post-purchase campaign, personalised based on item purchased

The Results

As a result of using Ometria for its customer marketing, Café du Cycliste experienced:

growth in reactivated customers
growth in total customers shopping, year-on-year
uplift in repeat rate
increase in CLV
click to open rate on its automated emails

Ometria has allowed us to provide our customers with more relevant and personalised marketing. Since we started using it, the connection to our Magento backend has been impeccable and the ease with which you can segment audiences makes reporting and analysing campaigns and product performance really easy.

Matthieu Oliver - Website and Data Analyst

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