Emma Bridgewater

How the iconic pottery brand used Ometria to create personalised experience throughout the customer journey.

30% increase in return customers on previous period
19% increase in retention rate
65% increase in active customers within customer base

Creating iconic pottery spanning from kitchenware to bath-and-body items, Emma Bridgewater wanted to give its customers an experience that reflected the thought that goes into each item across the vast range of patterns and collections.

The Challenge

Because of the marketing stack the pottery brand had in place, which consisted of a legacy ESP and an analytics tool, creating tailored customer experiences wasn’t possible beyond basic personalisation, such as including the recipient’s name in emails.

When Emma Bridgewater wanted to create relevant marketing messages throughout the customer journey, it would involve manually segmenting customers and transporting data between solutions. The pottery brand had different tools for newsletters and automation creating an inefficient workflow; and without easy access to customer data, advanced features like product recommendations were a challenge to set up and automation campaigns troublesome to build. 

The Solution

Emma Bridgewater called upon Ometria to help offer its customers sophisticated personalised experiences, while at the same time making it more time-efficient for the marketing team to access the data and insights needed to power these campaigns. 

Actionable customer insight 

Previously the brand was only able to send simple, unpersonalised campaigns, due to the challenges of managing channel-specific marketing platforms that didn’t work well together. This meant that accessing and actioning customer data in personalised campaigns was difficult. 

Now, with the Ometria platform, Emma Bridgewater has a full picture of the health of its customer base, whether into high-level retention metrics across the customer lifecycle or predictive insight at an individual or segment level. What’s more, Emma Bridgewater is able to directly action customer insight in personalised marketing messages.

Advanced automated journeys 

With Ometria in place, the pottery brand could go straight from limited automation to creating advanced campaigns at key points in the customer journey. Ometria helped the brand to create a joined up and insight-led automation strategy, which included: 

  • A welcome campaign: segmented by order value and whether the customer is a lead or a first-time customer. 
  • A first purchase campaign: targeting those that have signed up to the newsletter but not yet made a purchase.
  • A browse abandonment campaign: personalised by the category abandoned.
  • A lapsed customer win-back campaign: personalised based on the loyalty/VIP status of the recipient
  • A new warm leads campaign, which was spread over a two week period, targeting customers who engaged with marketing despite not yet having made a purchase

Recognising loyalty 

Emma Bridgewater wanted to be able to speak specifically to their loyalest customers (who it refers to as ‘VVIPs’), recognising their loyalty and winning them back if they’re showing signs of lapsing. It achieved this by:

  • Using dynamic content to create offer banners; this was segmented between ‘collectors’ (VVIP customers) and ‘non collectors’. 
  • Creating a specific welcome campaign for shoppers who become ‘collectors’ to recognise their status. 
  • Creating specific win-back campaigns aimed at reactivating this vital customer segment if insight highlighted they were at risk of lapsing.
New Vip Customer
VIP customer welcome campaign


The Results

In the past eighteen months, Emma Bridgewater achieved:

increase in return customers on previous period
increase in retention rate
increase in active customers within customer base
increase in leads converted into first-time shoppers
increase in customers reaching VIP status
increase in reactivated customers

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