MADE.COM x Ometria

MADE.COM is one of the major success stories of European retail, achieving market-leading growth at even the most turbulent of times for the retail sector. Headquartered in the UK, the brand now serves 9 different countries with seven showrooms across Europe, and has been growing at an impressive 30-40% year on year.

Central to MADE’s success is its customer-focused approach to innovation, and the brand is renowned for leading the way when it comes to the customer experience.

“As a fast growth business, an engaged and active subscriber base is critical, and in our first year with Ometria our email revenue has grown twice as quickly as the overall business.” Spencer Wong, Head of Digital Experience at MADE.COM
Impact in numbers
83% increase in Ometria-driven CRM revenue
31% increase in active customers
108% increase in reactivated customers

The MADE.COM customer experience

As a digital-first brand, the MADE customer story begins and ends online. But with a wide range of product categories and styles, the customer journey looks different for every shopper. Recognising the need to equip every potential buyer with the information and confidence they need to buy furniture and homeware online, the MADE team champions a personalised approach to communicating with the brand’s customers that has context and relevance at its core.

Ometria enables the MADE marketing team to do exactly that – empowering the brand to communicate with customers at the right moment in their journey, with content that is tailored to that customer’s behaviour and interests.

Why Made
chose Ometria
“Ultimately it’s about understanding customers and where they are in their purchase journey, and how we can best support their needs.” Spencer Wong, Head of Digital Experience at MADE.COM

How Ometria powers MADE.COM’s CRM strategy

With millions of subscribers, email is a core communication channel between MADE and its customers, and is key to driving repeat purchases and revenue from existing shoppers and subscribers. The MADE marketing team uses the Ometria platform to power its broadcast and automation email campaigns, as well as targeting customers with relevant messages on social media.

The marketing team is able to use detailed insight from Ometria’s customer intelligence layer to make sure each customer is sent content that is relevant based on their interests, behaviour and stage in the buyer journey.

For example, the team is able to personalise both its broadcast and automation emails using behavioural segmentation, dynamic content and product recommendations to make sure each recipient is given contextually-relevant experience.

The Ometria impact
“I remember when MADE first started working with Ometria, I was so excited to be the one who was going to help them achieve their goals using our platform.” Aurelie Randolph, Senior Customer Success Manager at Ometria

Email marketing excellence

Using Ometria, MADE’s CRM team has been able to efficiently scale out its personalisation strategy, both in its broadcast and automation campaigns.
“Campaign set up is so quick and easy that we’re able to adapt and react to customers based on their onsite and email engagement. Plus being able to manage the types of campaigns each contact receives means we can move away from the usual batch and blast approach.” Joanne Walters, International CRM Manager at MADE.COM

Trusted partners

Partnering with a provider that could reliably handle the complexities of the brand’s sophisticated approach to CRM was a core reason that MADE chose Ometria as a marketing platform.

Product vision and retail expertise are also incredibly important to MADE, and the brand has worked closely with the Ometria’s customer success and product teams to help achieve its CRM objectives.

Why Made
chose Ometria
“One of the great things about working with Ometria is how we’ve been able to collaborate on things together.” Spencer Wong, Head of Digital Experience at MADE.COM

The results

Since partnering with Ometria, the MADE team has seen a significant increase in retention-related revenue and metrics, and CRM revenue has grown at twice the rate of the overall business.
increase in Ometria-driven CRM revenue
increase in active customers
increase in loyal customers
increase in reactivated customers

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