How Olivela’s welcome campaign encouraged leads acquired during COVID-19 measures to make their first purchase within a day

213% increase in order rate
192% increase in revenue from welcome campaigns
62% increase in first purchase customers

Olivela is a luxury marketplace that believes in empowering shoppers by helping them to give back. Founded following the CEO’s visit to a refugee camp, the brand, which donates 20% from every purchase made, believes in every transaction being part of its greater ethos of charity. With a firm focus on its altruism as well as high-end goods, the brand is truly unique in both its practice and approach to retail.

The challenge

During the height of COVID restrictions, more shoppers were readily online and more conscious thought was with wider humanitarian issues on a global scale. Olivela aligned perfectly with this shift in consumer behaviour towards more philanthropic shopping; whether they wanted more thoughtful items from skincare,  work-from-homeware. The brand partnered with ‘Save the Children’ to provide essential supplies. The surge in interest towards the brand manifested in a significant increase in subscribers and Olivela wanted to make sure that they used the opportunity to turn these new fans into customers.

Olivela knew they needed to change the piqued interest into a steady flow of income from happy customers. This meant creating a customer journey specific to the newly acquired COVID  consumer, adapting quickly to the increase in traffic.

This is where Ometria came in.


The solution

Using Ometria, Olivela was able to quickly adapt its marketing strategy, focusing specifically on welcome campaign series to ensure it captured attention but added to the overall online experience with the brand. 


The new Welcome Flow

The brand understood that it needed to maximise the traffic on its site and seamlessly encourage those browsing to feel invested enough in the brand to make a purchase. Using the Ometria platform, Olivela was able to turn leads (potential shoppers who had merely been browsing), into purchasing customers. 

Olivela wanted to ensure it had a workflow that would remain relevant even if the COVID-acquired surge dipped, which meant segmenting the campaign depending on customer context.  

One key use of segmentation was between those who had subscribed but never purchased, and those who had shopped with the brand before. Once shoppers signed up to the brand newsletter, those who had already made a purchase were sent an email which relayed the brand ethos, driving home to shoppers how each purchase has a positive ethical outcome. As Olivela is a marketplace, the first email also showed highlighted products from across fashion, homewares and beauty. 

For those yet to make a purchase, new subscribers were sent four emails encouraging them to make their first purchase. As well as welcome emails on brand ethos and from the founder, two additional emails with incentives are sent. These incentives are tastefully communicated, keeping in mind the brand’s price-points and leaning in to the brand’s secondary slogan of “look good, do good” as a reminder of the brand’s overall charitable stance. This too is a further incentive as shoppers know not only will they purchase luxury items, they can make a difference when they spend. 

With Ometria’s retail-focused consultant on hand, the brand was able to make adjustments to its segmentation and welcome flow that truly tell the story of the brand in a succinct and evergreen way. 


Well-timed abandonment campaigns 

Leveraging detailed customer insight from the Ometria platform, Olivela was able to elevate its automated campaigns to ensure all elements of the customer journey were catered  to. With expert guidance at hand, the retailer created campaigns to re-engage its luxury-focused shoppers who abandon their basket or browse while on the site.

With a segmented discount strategy, the brand is able to maximise its USP of a luxury marketplace by offering incentives in the abandonment campaign that correspond to that specific brand or item, moving away from generic offers.


Replenishment campaigns 

Now with a marketing platform with retention in mind, the luxury brand is able to use product reports to devise which brands and items have the most propensity to drive repeat replenishable purchases. In particular, for Olivela, this means encouraging not only a first-purchase but repeat purchases that emphasises the philanthropic adage to each additional purchase. 

Where consumables were concerned, the luxury brand set up replenishment campaigns which triggered based when they’re likely to need to repurchase. This simple but effective campaign, serves customers what they need before they may even realise they need it; creating room for upsell and driving revenue from loyalty. By integrating proactive automation, Olivela adds to the overall experience of shopping with them over a competitor.

The Results

During a time of uncertainty, Olivela needed to partner with a marketing provider that would help them achieve a marketing strategy that drove more revenue through stand-out customer experiences. The Ometria platform is tailor-made for a retail marketer’s day-to-day workflow, and the guidance from the Ometria email consultancy meant that strategy was crafted with an understanding of the need of both the brand and its customers.

increase in order rate
increase in revenue from welcome campaigns
increase in first purchase customers
14 days to 1
change in timescale of first purchase average
60 days to 4
change in timescale of second purchase average
10 days to 1
change in timescale of converting customers into subscribers

"Working with Ometria's platform and the team has enabled us to quickly pivot our strategy, discover new opportunities, and scale-up to drive revenue, which is particularly important during periods of global uncertainty. At Olivela our customer experience is incredibly important to us as a brand, and the Ometria platform allows us to engage brand loyalists and empower shoppers in a way that is relevant and timely. The strategic insights and recommendations from the team have truly been invaluable."

Amanda Griffiths Senior Manager, CRM & Digital Marketing

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