7 predictors of growth in ecommerce

What KPIs and metrics are the best indicators for CRM growth?

Written by

James Dunford Wood, Chief Experience Officer

Rita Martins, CRM Lead

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7 Predictors of Growth in Ecommerce

Some of the predictive metrics and KPIs explored

Repeat rate

What is the key repeat purchase to track?

What’s the best duration for tracking a rolling rate? How much do you need to increase your repeat rate to achieve an increase in revenue?

Subscriber conversion

Why is subscriber conversion rate often overlooked?

How can you isolate your ‘true subscribers’ to ensure this metric isn’t skewed?

Time to first purchase

What’s the typical range for high-performing retailers?

We’ve included an order gap analysis chart that can be used to assess the customer lifecycle and determine whether a customer is at risk or lapsed.

Items in the basket

Why AOV may not tell you everything

Average Order Value is a powerful performance signal but can be deceptive, so what do you need to look out for, and how can an increase impact revenue?

What’s inside?

For all the analysis, data insights, and more crucial metrics for growth, including:

  • The customer funnel
  • Loyal customer base %
  • Reactivation rate
  • and the North Star Metric

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