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For 10 years we have been creating a community for retail marketers to get together and share tales of success, best practices, and strategies that elevate the customer experience.

In this hub you can find different experiences, advice, and learnings from the best minds in retail to help you create marketing strategies built for customer retention.

Enjoy each and every talk from Lifecycle (London and New York) and find out what makes for a resilient retailer.

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Lifecycle New York


Ometria Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer kicks off Lifecycle New York 2023 with his keynote on ‘Connection’.

This covers how to build better connections with customers over time while making the kind of connections with our customers that last and drive mutual value.

Lifecycle New York

What does it take to maintain brand resilience?

According to Sophie Bambuck, CMO at the North Face, “a resilient brand can weather storms, adapt to change, while consistently delivering value to its customers.” Find out how you can build and maintain the right type of brand resilience, with examples from The North Face.

Lifecycle New York

Attempting utopia: how do we de-silo retail marketing teams for a more connected experience?

In this keynote, Pri Schumate breaks down this big question, exploring opportunities and examples for connection across marketing teams and the experiences that they’re tasked with creating.

Lifecycle New York

Expert panel: How do you keep up with soaring customer expectations in a time of low loyalty?

Moderated by Ken Pilot, retail experts April Sabral, Bridget Johns, Christine Schrader, and Ali Wright discuss how retailers can keep up with growing customer expectations.

Lifecycle New York

Expert Panel: Ripping up the retail rulebook

Should retailers be ripping up the rulebook, and if so how and where? In this panel, moderated by Ron Thurston, Julie Channing, Mike Dupuis, and David Meir Sasson give their expert opinion and how retailers can and should be approaching practices a bit differently to boost their resilience.

Lifecycle New York

Bringing your customers with you through big changes: the seamless Sephora rebrand

Amy Smith, Head of Customer Marketing at Sephora UK took us on a fascinating journey through their rebrand from Feelunique, and how they ensured their customers were engaged and included throughout the transition.

Lifecycle New York

How to deepen customer understanding and elevate their experience

Watch Hannah Sinclair from Steve Madden and Josh Pierson from Ometria discuss how Steve Madden approach the challenges and opportunities involved in their quest to further understanding their customers.

Lifecycle London

The rise of the retail marketer

Lifecycle23’s Keynote speaker, Jason Beckley reflects on his years of experience transforming retail brands with ‘The rise of the Retail Marketer’. Find out why retail marketers are already equipped to transform the current landscape.

Lifecycle London

Adaptability, agility and ripping up the rule book

Reframe customer engagement and put entertainment at the forefront during tough trading conditions, Footasylum’s Head of Digital Trade, Joe Turner demonstrates why now’s the time for ‘Adaptability, agility and ripping up the rule book’.

Lifecycle London


Find out what it means to be human in the era of AI with one of Lifecycle’s keynotes from CEO & Founder of Ometria, Ivan Mazour. Understand how marketers get to keep their humanity while harnessing the efficiencies of AI to make their lives easier and customer experiences smoother.

Lifecycle London

How to strengthen customer advocacy during tough times

Find out what customer advocacy means in practice for retail marketing experts across fashion, haircare, and beauty industries. Hear how brands like Davines and The Fold keep their customers loyal even during a harsh climate.

Lifecycle London

Rebranding NOTHS: Remaining relevant in an age of change

Watch Emilie Mouquot, VP of Marketing at Not on the High Street, reflect on why it’s important for brands to be bold in an age of change and how she and the team navigated the recent Not on the High Street rebrand.

Lifecycle London

Fireside chat – How Monsoon drove growth through pairing SMS and email

Watch the Fireside chat with Attentive and Monsoon discussing the SMS strategy that drove 40x ROI for the fashion brand.

Lifecycle London

Fireside chat – Rethinking retention: How to build a winning formula for repeat buyers

Hear from Yotpo, ACAI and Percival as they discuss their strategic advice and examples for rethinking traditional methods that engage modern customers.

Lifecycle London

Fireside chat – Is retention the secret to resilience?

Watch the fireside chat with Emma Bridgewater and Secret Sales on why retention is such a powerful way to make your retail marketing strategy more resilient.

Lifecycle London

Lifecycle Wrap Up

Find out why industry-leading retail marketers come to Lifecycle and what you can expect to learn from the day.

Lifecycle London

Lifecycle23 Highlights

Here for a good time not a long time? Check out the highlights from Lifecycle23.

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