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Beauty is subjective. Health is personal. So how do brands communicate the most relevant message when connecting with their customers?

In a highly competitive, discount-led industry, our customer and data marketing platform can help you bring your entire strategy to life, and hit your revenue goals while protecting your margins.

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Built for retailers, trained on 300bn data points

Ometria combines the data capabilities of a CDP with a cross-channel marketing orchestration platform, letting retail marketers create relevant experiences that scale. Our AI-powered accelerator helps you get campaigns to market faster.

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It’s just the beginning.

Right from the start we’re getting to know your customer and building a picture of who they are, so we can predict their next step.

While relevancy + timing = second purchase, loyalty that lasts requires a personal touch.


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Delivering that personal touch

Create consistent, relevant experiences across your marketing touchpoints.

Ometria helps you create flawless marketing moments at scale by surfacing individual preferences and shopping affinities.

Getting your customers to choose you every time, without a second thought, that’s loyalty.

Beauty shoppers' customer journey

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Using Ometria’s AI via Predictive Segmentation, audiences were automatically created using a taste profiling algorithm, rather than relying on simple rule-based segmentation.
Feelunique saw a 95% uplift in revenue per email.
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Trinny London worked with Ometria to identify replenishment opportunities using customer data. They then predicted the perfect time to contact customers with reminders to repurchase.
The results drove a conversion rate 5x the industry average.
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‘Before I worked at Ometria advising retailers on their CRM strategy, I worked as a CRM Manager in the beauty and wellness industry. I experienced first-hand how Ometria can help CRM teams reduce manual, repetitive tasks, drive loyalty and retention strategies.
Now, I help more retailers experience the difference that this can make to their day-day role.’
Lauren Sadler, CRM Strategist

The customer data and marketing platform for retail

Give your customers next-level experiences

Ometria’s Customer Data & Marketing Platform makes it possible to deliver relevance to every customer at scale.

Get your CRM strategy to market faster

Ometria eliminates the blockers that hold CRM teams back when bringing their marketing campaigns to life.

Unlock better CRM performance

Ometria gives CRM teams confidence in reaching their growth goals.

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Having Ometria has completely transformed our approach to CRM.
Credence Pym, CRM Manager at Sigma Sports

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