Create marketing experiences your customers love

Ometria puts customer data into the hands of marketers, letting retailers bring personalized campaigns to their shoppers across every channel.

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Customer data and marketing platform

The customer data and marketing platform for retail

Ometria combines the data capabilities of a CDP with a cross-channel marketing orchestration platform, letting retail marketers create relevant experiences throughout the customer journey.

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Give your customers next-level experiences

Ometria’s Customer Data & Marketing Platform makes it possible to deliver relevance to every customer at scale.

Personalization-first campaign builders

Create advanced audience segments and enhance your messages with 1:1 dynamic content

Cross-channel journeys

Target shoppers with personalized messages across email, SMS, push, on-site and more

 AI-powered insights 

Leverage predictive insight into shoppers’ behavior, tastes and preferences for ultimate relevance

Personalised customer touchpoints

Get your CRM strategy to market faster

Ometria eliminates the blockers that hold CRM teams back when bringing their marketing campaigns to life.

Data in your hands

No need to rely on other teams for your data needs with Ometria’s in-built retail CDP

In-depth customer analysis and reporting 

Ometria’s flexible customer insights and reporting give you the answers you need in a matter of clicks

Easy-to-action insight

Build advanced customer segments and action them in your campaigns in a flash

Multi-channel marketing orchestration

Unlock better CRM performance 

Ometria gives CRM teams confidence in reaching their growth goals.

CRM strategy optimization

AI-supported strategy guidance that highlights the biggest opportunities for segments, campaigns and channels

Testing and optimization tools

Easily improve your campaign performance through a/b testing and campaign optimization

A team of experts

Ometria partners with you, offering  team of retail experts and specialists to guide you to success

Customer intelligence
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Introducing: The Ometria Co-Marketer™

The Co-Marketer™ is the intelligent core of the Ometria platform. Powered by data science and trained on over 20 billion retail touchpoints, it powers functionality that accelerates CRM performance by helping teams bring better experiences to their customers, faster.

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The Customer Data and Marketing Platform for retail:
core capabilities

Customer data platform

Our in-built retail CDP centralizes and consolidates all customer data into a single view of each shopper

Customer analysis & insight

Our specialist retail reporting enables CRM teams to get instant insight into retention, campaign and product performance

Predictive intelligence

Our Co-Marketer™-powered insight leverages AI to predict customer tastes, behavior and preferences

Customer segmentation

Our segment builder lets marketers build sophisticated customer segments based on any attributes or behaviors in a couple of clicks

Automated journey builder

Our automation journey builder helps teams create, segment and deliver advanced journeys throughout the customer lifecycle

Cross-channel orchestration & execution

Target shoppers with personalized messages across email, SMS, push, on-site and more

Product recommendations

Harness Ometria’s powerful recommendation engines to offer customers personalized recommendations

Split testing and optimization

Optimize your messages and journey flows with the ability to leverage Ometria’s testing and optimization tools


Access and connect all your data with our range of industry-leading integrations

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Having Ometria has completely transformed our approach to CRM.
Credence Pym, CRM Manager at Sigma Sports

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