Hey Luke: are size? customers seeing what they love?


An extraordinary brand like Size? has a unique opportunity to connect and influence its community of artists, musicians and fashionistas. Although the responsibility might feel sizeable (yes we went there), a personalised approach to customer marketing doesn’t need to be fiddly or inefficient, even for fast responding trend -led brands. The key to customer marketing with Ometria is being as obsessed with retail as you are.

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Who is Ometria?

Ometria is a customer data and marketing platform built exclusively for retailers to send the most personalised, relevant and timely cross- channel marketing. Combining the data capabilities of a CDP with a cross-channel marketing orchestration platform, we believe the best customer experiences are made with solutions that are purpose-built for retail.

Speed to market

Ensure your marketing team is able to launch campaigns easily and at speed without sacrificing personalisation or creativity. Your Web Exclusive campaigns should be as well received as those eagerly anticipated size? session festival invites. What’s more, you can set frequency capping so you don’t annoy your customer base.

Set yourself up for personalisation at scale

Segmenting based on an unlimited pool of customer data means that you can categorise your messaging based on customer lifecycles and affinity to purchase those Stan Smiths for example. When looking at one-time purchasers with potential, it’s easy to see the products that brought other customers back to purchase again, making your strategy clear and your team easily directed to the next best step.

Innovate and continue your growth trajectory

Choose a customer data and marketing platform that allows your team to test how your customers want to be communicated with. Ometria’s AI-powered intelligence layer is always identifying optimisation opportunities for you so that test and learn has never been easier.

Why a CDMP?

Customer data and marketing platforms (CDMPs) represent an evolution of both the CDP and marketing orchestration categories; and are a response to the growing expectations of today’s consumers. These consumers expect to be taken on a journey where their shopping behaviour is understood, and all marketing communications are tailored towards their buying journey.


What’s crucial within a CDMP like Ometria is having the ability to use AI to predict your customers’ next step so that you always deliver the perfect message on the right channel while hitting your growth goals.

What our fashion clients say

One of the reasons Ego joined Ometria was because building campaigns with their previous provider was time consuming and difficult. But after joining Ometria, the brand saw 2x faster speed to market for personalised campaigns. Switching their strategy from acquisition to retention also saw a 63% increase in repeat customers.
Footasylum worked with Ometria to improve its open and conversion rate within abandonment campaigns. By segmenting customers based on category preference, gender and price points, Footasylum saw a 10% increase in open rate and a conversion rate increase of 30%.
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The heritage shoe brand tested an advanced segmentation framework to encourage loyalty and repeat purchase and reaped the rewards; revenue shot up by 30% and orders increased by 28%.
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Having Ometria has completely transformed our approach to CRM.
Credence Pym, CRM Manager at Sigma Sports

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