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Who is Ometria?

Ometria is a customer data and marketing platform built exclusively for retailers to send the most personalised, relevant and timely cross- channel marketing. Combining the data capabilities of a CDP with a cross-channel marketing orchestration platform, we believe the best customer experiences are made with solutions that are purpose-built for retail.

Time for you

Time is often not our friend, especially in Marketing. But building campaigns doesn’t have to be complex and all-consuming in order to be impactful and high-performing. What’s more, personalisation doesn’t need to come at the cost of slower speed to market. Having the ability to use customer data in your campaigns within one platform means keeping your campaign cool, even during those seasonal peaks.

Know thy customer

Combine detailed customer insight with search data and social trends to craft campaigns tailored to customers’ current interests. Whether this is based on categories like sensitive skin, dry or oily or more specific products, this visibility is what will make your overall strategy more responsive to rapid changes in customer taste profiles. Find out those shopper affinities and know thy customer!

Loyalty- who stays when it rains?

All brands want their customers to be loyal – but what does it actually mean? Get visibility into different customer lifecycle stages to make room for special treatment for your VIPs. With Ometria, you can tap into our bespoke retail success strategy to see how it’s possible to leave discounting to the last resort, in favour of true personalisation.

Why a CDMP?

Customer data and marketing platforms (CDMPs) represent an evolution of both the CDP and marketing orchestration categories; and are a response to the growing expectations of today’s consumers. These consumers expect to be taken on a journey where their shopping behaviour is understood, and all marketing communications are tailored towards their buying journey.


What’s crucial within a CDMP like Ometria is having the ability to use AI to predict your customers’ next step so that you always deliver the perfect message on the right channel while hitting your growth goals.

What our health and beauty clients say

Using Ometria’s AI via Predictive Segmentation, Feel Unique saw a 95% uplift in revenue per email.
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With a large product range of replenishable items, Green People saw an opportunity to encourage customers to repurchase items they had run out of using Ometria. The execution of strategy saw the brand enjoying a 33% uplift in repurchase rate.
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The customer data and marketing platform for retail

Ometria combines the data capabilities of a CDP with a cross-channel marketing orchestration platform, letting retail marketers create relevant experiences throughout the customer journey.

Customer data and marketing platform

The Ometria Retail Success Model™

Our Retail Success Model™ is a first-of-its-kind data science model for driving CRM growth in retail. It combines four proprietary AI algorithms that analyze a retailer’s CRM performance and delivers a bespoke marketing plan for reaching their revenue goals.

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Retail brands forever

We believe the best customer experiences are made with solutions that are purpose-built for retail.

That’s why retail and ecommerce brands choose Ometria – and stay with us.

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Having Ometria has completely transformed our approach to CRM.
Credence Pym, CRM Manager at Sigma Sports

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