The Experience Expectation

What does great customer experience at scale really mean?

There is a gap between the experience customers expect from retailers and what these retailers deliver. This guide will show how retail marketers can bridge this gap and create the experiences their customers love.

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Guide: The Experience Expectation

Some of the challenges facing retailers, and how to think about them

Resource constraints

Retail marketers are limited by the size of their team, or the restrictions of their technology


It’s impossible to ascertain what customers want from the customer data at hand


Ambitious growth targets can prevent retail marketers from thinking long-term, and thinking about the experiences they can provide


Creating a great experience for one customer is simple, but doing it at scale for multiple customers is very difficult

7 predictors of growth in ecommerce

What are the KPIs and metrics that best indicate future CRM growth?

Our Retail Success team have analysed the metrics that retailers should be tracking if they want to grow their CRM revenue, and how retail marketers can track them.

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What’s inside?
  • The challenges preventing retailers from producing the experiences their customers expect
  • The questions retailers need to ask themselves in order to plan the customer experience they wish to deliver
  • How technology can help retail marketers to achieve these experiences
  • What these customer experiences look like in practice, and the outcomes they can generate
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