Personalized Marketing for the fashion-forward

Leading retailers not only need to provide trendy and stylish merchandise – they need to deliver personalized shopping experiences that transforms a one-time customer into a repeat customer.

So, how can fashion and apparel companies do this?

They can leverage Ometria’s AI-driven customer data and cross-channel experience platform.

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Customer data and marketing platform
Meet the CDXP designed for retail

The Ometria platform has the data unification and customer insight power of a CDP with the cross-channel orchestration of an experience platform, and a new, AI-powered accelerator that helps you get your best campaigns to market faster.

With Ometria, fashion and apparel brands can easily and quickly create experiences their customers love across email, mobile, on-site, social, direct mail and more.

Customer data platform

Unify customer data from all sources to build a single, comprehensive profile of each shopper.


Cross-channel experiences

Design, execute and optimize the entire customer journey across email, mobile, on-site, social, direct mail and more.


Customer intelligence

Build sophisticated audience segments and leverage predictive customer insight for personalized cross-channel campaigns.

Trusted by the leading Fashion & Apparel brands
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Create "tailored" marketing campaigns 2x Faster

To stay relevant—and drive sales—fashion brands need a way to cut through the noise and be able to deliver personalized marketing campaigns at speed and scale.
Ometria’s personalization-focused marketing platform makes sending customers relevant marketing messages quick and efficient.

Personalization made easy
From campaign segmentation to dynamic content to product recommendations – use Ometria’s customer intelligence to tailor each message to its recipient.

Marketer-friendly visual editor
Ometria’s easy-to-use visual editor makes it easy to build email campaigns that your customers love.

Getting messages into inboxes
Ometria’s dedicated deliverability experts work with our clients to make sure that their messages get seen.

Drive loyalty from top customers through AI

Fashion retailers know their commerce tech is an investment piece. Ometria’s AI-based intelligence and orchestration layer continually provides real-time predictive insight, and evaluates and optimizes the revenue generated by the retention marketing strategy.

Campaign optimization
Optimize your campaigns for the best results – from send time to split testing..

Predictive product recommendations
Embed personalized product recommendations within your marketing messages, based on predictive tastes and behaviors.

Attribute affinity
Identify customers that are most likely to be interested in specific categories or attributes.

Trusted by Leading Fashion & Apparel Brands

“Ometria is crucial in helping us understand the customer experience. Not only do we now have excellent customer insights, we are able to efficiently personalise customer journeys based on their behaviours and needs, while hitting revenue targets.”

Jessica Herbert-Maynard
CRM Manager, EGO

“The insight we gained from the Retail Success Model really is gold dust to us. We’ve been able to use the recommendations the Ometria team gave us and unite the business around it. The commercial results we’re seeing are really pleasing to see, and show that we are on the right track.”

Marni Dasanjh
Head of Social Commerce, Fred Perry

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Having Ometria has completely transformed our approach to CRM.
Credence Pym, CRM Manager at Sigma Sports

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