What’s stopping Marketers from achieving personalization?

Is true 1:1 personalization a pipe dream? What tactics are CRM marketers using, and what’s holding them back?

Watch this on-demand webinar with Michelle Schroeder, CMO at Ometria, to get her take on what’s stopping marketers from achieving truly personalized experiences.

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Marketing Personalization Webinar

What’s stopping
Marketers from achieving personalization?

True 1:1 personalization is a destination that many retailers want to get to, and it’s an experience that most customers would love. But there’s a huge gap between understanding the importance of delivering tailored experiences that make your consumers feel completely understood, and being able to actually do it consistently and at scale. In fact, you’ll often hear this described as a pipe dream.

In this on-demand webinar, Michelle Schroeder, CMO at Ometria explores the obstacles that stand in the way of true personalization, using real-life data from a survey of 2000 fashion consumers and 300 CRM marketers.


Watch the webinar

The Experience Expectation

There’s a reason why retailers struggle to deliver great experiences at scale. Find out how to overcome obstacles and deliver on the expectations your customers are looking for in this guide.

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