Alice Spencer
Alice Spencer
Posted 29 July 2021

What to do about your automated campaigns after iOS 15

With the upcoming changes to open rates due to the iOS15 privacy rollout, now is the time to review existing automations and consider implementing new automations to compliment your broadcast campaigns. Here is what you should start looking at.

Review Existing Automations

Current indications are that the iOS 15 change will increase the number of opens seen as Apple will trigger opens regardless of whether the contact has opened the email or not. With Apple’s market share around 38.1%, this will cause a significant increase in the number of automations being sent that are triggered off contact opens. One potential knock on effect of this is reduced deliverability as large numbers of unengaged contacts may now appear to be engaging and be included in these sends.  

All automations that currently trigger off opens should be reviewed and set to use alternative engagement triggers. Alternative engagement measures to consider include:

  • Clicks
  • Date of last purchase
  • Website activity
  • Conversion rate

In many cases no one metric will replace opens so combinations of alternative engagement metrics should be considered. Now is the perfect time to test these alternatives, whilst you still have comparative open data available. 

When reviewing your Automations you should pay attention to the following types:

A/B split tests with winner

Where the winning combination is set to Open Rate, it should be changed to use one of the alternative options available:

  • Click through rate
  • Revenue
  • Order conversion rate 

Welcome emails

Welcome emails set the tone for the relationship a contact has with a brand. Good welcome emails should make the contact excited to receive future emails by setting expectations on what they may receive, and the benefits of being subscribed. When reviewing Welcome emails consider changes that will optimize the email for clicks or conversion. Clicks can be encouraged through a number of different calls to action including:

  • Link to preference centre so contacts can set their preferences
  • Link to editorial content on the website
  • Link to special offers on the website
  • Link to social media content

Re-engagement/Win-back emails

Re-engagement campaigns have long been used to prevent contact churn and help identify contacts that email teams need to sunset from sending segments in order to protect deliverability.

Re-engagement campaigns that are triggered off “date since last open” will need to be reviewed and alternative engagement measures used to trigger the campaigns. These campaigns will also need to be optimized to generate clicks and conversions as using the open rate to determine if the contact is still engaged will not be accurate after the iOS15 change. 

Finally when reviewing automations, consider where email automations could be replaced or supported through other channels, such as automated SMS campaigns or social media promotions. 

Implement new automation journeys

Automations can be used to complement your broadcast campaigns by building specific journeys based on either contact profiles or off specific actions taken. These can either be single campaign sends or a series of themed campaigns. 

Here are some examples to give you inspiration.

Aftercare advice

For products that need careful maintenance, be it a luxury jumper with specific washing instructions or a high end coffee machine that needs to be cleaned carefully, there is an opportunity to set up an automation based on a contact purchasing that product which includes this. It could be a simple email with the instructions, or linking to existing instructional content or videos. 

Styling tips

For fashion, accessory and beauty retailers, creating campaigns which trigger when a contact purchases that product can easily add value to your brand and create high engagement. These can explain how to style or use key products, as well as incorporating content from social media but don’t need to be for every product. Pick one or two key products for that season to base these campaigns on. 

Choice flows

These can be used to progressively profile your contacts but can also add an extra personalized element to your email campaigns. In the first campaign ask your contacts to choose a product, category or theme they prefer by clicking on a link or image. 

Each choice is followed up with a series of themed emails based on that choice. For example, a women’s shoe retailer asks contacts what they would prefer to wear this summer, high heels or flats. The contacts who choose high heels then receive a series of themed campaigns, including that season’s hottest heels, best ways to style them, and summer high heels for different occasions. Likewise the contacts who choose flats similarly receive a series based on their preference. 

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