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We've created a workplace we’re all excited to be in every day, so that we can build amazing things and spend time with people we really like. Want to join us?

Our values

We're aware of our strengths and weaknesses, how they impact our work and other people, and we're always seeking feedback on both.
Team over self
We prioritize the benefit of the team over personal gain. We don't make decisions that negatively impact the team.
Respect for the trust we've been given
We act honorably and never abuse the trust we've been given by customers or the team.
Relentless in the pursuit of mastery
We always believe we can do better. We push others and help them to do better.
It's awesome to be here
We want to be here, we feel lucky to be here, and we show this through our positive energy.
We are accountable for outcomes, we deliver on commitments that we make and we don’t give up.

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Customer success
I joined Ometria seven years ago and after being encouraged to follow my interest in marketing strategy, I now work with our Methodology team to help our clients find the best business opportunities and leverage them with sophisticated marketing strategies.. I enjoy working for Ometria because I’ve had the chance to be part of a growing business and develop my career here as well learn from people with amazing skills.
It’s exciting to have been part of our incredible growth over the last seven years, seeing teams continue to grow and evolve as we have taken the company from a team of 19 to upwards of 100, with now hundreds of brands from around the world who have joined us in our journey and seen great results. In my time here, I have had the opportunity to move to New York and help build our US business.
I started out at Ometria seven years ago managing our content when you could count the number of Ometrians on two hands! It’s been amazing to be part of a fast growing, dynamic company surrounded by inspiring people where I’ve been given the opportunity to really take ownership of marketing-related activities. I’ve learnt so much!
Customer Success
I joined Ometria to embark on a career in digital marketing back in 2017. It’s been amazing to be part of a fast growing company where I’ve been given the opportunity to work with some of the UK’s leading e-commerce brands, advising on customer retention strategies across all channels. I’ve grown from Executive, to Manager to Team Lead during my time here and I love helping clients get the most out of the platform!
I joined Ometria 3 years ago as a Technical Writer to work on our product's documentation. Since then, I've been promoted twice, had a baby, and switched careers (mid-pandemic) to become a software developer! It's been a rollercoaster. I feel so lucky to be part of this progressive and dynamic family of some of the most brilliant and fun people out there.

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