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Posted 11 February 2021

Four top tips when applying for a role at Ometria

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As a result of the pandemic last year, we saw a huge surge in job applications at Ometria, and have received thousands of CVs over the last few months.

There’s no doubt that the current huge applicant pool can be a daunting experience for any candidate. With this in mind, here are four tips to make your application stand out from the rest.

1) Research and tailor your application

The best applications are the ones that state “I’m applying to Ometria because of X, Y and Z,” and tie in something specific about Ometria such as industry news or something from our website. These applications stand out because they are tailored to Ometria.

We’ve received some amazing applications, including one candidate who wrote their entire cover letter using our branding. This is not to say everyone has to go out and immediately download our brand assets, but this particular application stood out.

It’s also unnecessary to write a long cover letter with multiple paragraphs. Four to five bullet points is more than sufficient to get your key points across. When you apply online to our positions, there is a field called “Cover Letter”. This is the perfect place to add your bullet points. 

N.B.: This guidance may not align with other companies, so always check the application criteria!

2) Make yourself the obvious choice

This may sound a bit obvious, but use the job description as well as the ‘A bit about you’ section as your guide. If it’s asking for certain experience, highlight it in your cover letter or bullet points. This could be a particular programming language, the type of product you have been selling or industry-specific experience.

If you are switching careers or changing industries, your CV might not present you as the obvious choice. Use your cover letter or bullet points to explain how you have relevant, transferable experience and provide examples.

3) Focus on your CV

This is arguably the most important part of your application. Here are the most essential CV tips:

  • List responsibilities as well as your achievements and the impact you have had on your company
  • Use bullet points to makes the information easier to process rather than big blocks of text
  • Give some context on each company you’ve worked for by writing a short description of what the company does
  • Make sure your CV is easy to follow and the information is easy to find
  • Ensure that your responsibilities and achievements line up with each role you’ve held
  • Limit diagrams and infographics, which can be confusing
  • Update your LinkedIn profile to align with your CV experience

4) Check, double check, triple check

At this point you’ve done all of the above and you’re ready to click ‘Send’. Be sure to double and triple check your application and CV:

  •  Proofread for typos
  •  Correct company names
    • Sometimes an ATS (applicant tracking system) or LinkedIn will save your previous application. If you tailored your application to the last company you applied to, check that you have updated the company to Ometria before submitting. 
  •  Ensure consistent formatting
    • Make sure the font and font size are consistent. Download your CV as a PDF and upload that version to prevent any formatting hiccups when your CV is uploaded to our ATS.

Following these four tips does not always guarantee an interview with us (or anywhere else), but it will certainly help increase your chances. If you’re interested in applying for a role at Ometria, check out our careers page here https://ometria.com/careers/. Good luck with your application!

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