Dann Partridge
Dann Partridge
Posted 01 November 2023

Supercharge your success with Ometria’s new and improved coupon code experience

First impressions

Making a good first impression is key at all times in life, especially when you’re a retailer. Communicating with a new subscriber for the first time provides an opportunity to create immediate affinity and loyalty, so one common way lots of brands enhance this initial interaction is by leveraging coupon codes. Whether you’re a serial incentiviser or discount adverse, coupon codes are a core part of email strategy for the vast majority of e-commerce brands, and with the annual Black Friday, Christmas and New Year sales on the horizon, it’s more important than ever to do coupon codes right. And I know what you’re thinking “How can you do them wrong? Customers love coupons!” but believe me, poor code implementation or a confusing setup can cause headaches for your team and your subscribers.

Feeling the pain in campaigns

There are few things more frustrating as a consumer than being sent a coupon code that doesn’t work, either because it’s expired or because it’s a code they’ve already redeemed. Even worse is being sent a valid code that then gets lost in their inbox, never to be seen or reminded of again. Codes can take too long to arrive or they can even run out, replacing discount-dreams with an empty email block. Subscribers might see a code they received from your brand freely available online, reducing that feeling of appreciation, and that feeling of being rewarded for their loyalty. They might even receive a reminder to use their coupon code, but the code they’re being shown is totally different from the original one, creating a sense of confusion.

Every time a contact experiences one of these marketing misfortunes, it adds doubt when deciding to place an order with your brand.  

As a retailer, you feel their pain too – it also frustrates you to use different codes in reminder emails, all because there’s no way to retrieve the original one. Your discount strategy is based on fine margins, so it’s frustrating to see your generic ‘WELCOME10’ code leaked to the internet, used by anyone, including non-subscribers. Most of all it’s frustrating to know that a better, more consistent coupon code experience would help to drive so much more revenue and growth for your business, but you simply don’t have the tools.

That’s why, with the feedback of Ometria clients front and centre, we set out to overhaul our coupon code functionality to help retailers boost the success their incentives can drive and ensure their customers have the best possible experience.

Enhance your customer journey with Ometria’s coupon code experience

We’re thrilled to announce our new coupon code experience for Automation and Broadcast campaigns. Combining clean visibility changes with innovative functions, our newest improvements will supercharge your campaigns right in time for peak season:

Fallback functionality

Never miss a conversion with our new fallback feature. Add backup codes to keep your campaigns running, even when pools run out, and ensure your customers don’t get FOMO.

Coupon codes assigned at contact level

Our new contact-level coupon codes mean customers will see the same code throughout their entire automation and broadcast campaign journeys, regardless of how many emails they receive. No more confusing reminder emails!

Remind users of unused coupons across different campaigns

Contact-level codes also allow you to remind customers of unused codes across multiple different automation and broadcast campaigns e.g. remind a customer of their welcome discount code in an abandoned basket campaign.

Hide or show redeemed codes

Save customers from having to see codes they’ve already used with a new toggle on our email template blocks that either shows or hides the block if the code has been redeemed.

Use all coupon code types in Automation and Broadcast

Auto-generated, unique codes can now be used across all campaign types, which means you can finally say goodbye to that ‘WELCOME10’ code doing the rounds online.

In a world saturated with emails, an efficient and reliable coupon code experience will help your brand stand out and drive trust, loyalty, and repeat purchases from your customer base. This is why Ometria’s new and improved coupon code experience is the ultimate tool for CRM marketers.

Don’t just take our word for it – we’ve already had amazing feedback as part of our beta release:

“Being a part of the beta process meant we were able to work closely with the team at Ometria to launch a specific use case. Not only did this drive incremental growth in demand numbers, but the process from start to finish was simple and easy. Beatriz was on hand if needed and ran me through a demo which I soon implemented myself, with no problems. We are more than happy to partake in any other beta, as it’s just such a seamless process, and the team are excellent!” Harriet Farmer – Marketing Executive at Finisterre

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