Alegria Adedeji
Alegria Adedeji
Posted 20 November 2019

The Common Thread: Why we created a podcast especially for retail marketers

Topics: Best practice

Podcasts are a growing form of communication. Everywhere you look there’s another being created, serving a wide or very specific audience, and as noted at our conference  and in our census, the tastes of consumers and the free -time they have is changing. There are 750,000 active podcasts in 2019 alone, with over 30 million episodes online now. So, you’re probably wondering “Why on earth would you want to be podcast #750,001?” Well, there are no podcasts specifically for retail marketers with knowledge being shared by actual retail marketers; so, we said “Hey, we should make that!”. And thus The Common Thread  was born.

Our CEO spoke about the importance of adding value to the time your messages and interactions take away from your customers and as our customers we want to continue to adapt and mature in our aims of providing you with content that assists, intrigues and teaches you how to work towards providing marketing experiences your customers will love.

And this mission is the backbone of the podcast. We asked each guest how they are creating those experiences and what the obstacles they’ve faced maintaining them. The Common Thread’ highlights the clear pattern we saw emerging as we spoke to retail marketers, regardless of the vertical or audience. The podcast has been showing that there are common shared threads of practice, challenge and innovation that your peers are discussing and attempting.

We want to facilitate a space where you can have all the benefits of a networking event, without even having to leave the office. In this first season, we have spoken to range of retailers, from those who have one specific product to those with an ever-growing roster. We discuss what it takes to excite your customers as you grow, truly provide what they want and even the impact of having a founder-led business versus a more legacy brand.

So, tune in to learn from your peers:

  • Their biggest challenge
  • Their biggest win
  • What they’re looking forward to in the industry

Sarah Chapman on surprising and delighting customers

This episodes discusses how to foster loyalty using both seasoned and more guerrilla methods, what customers want when they become VIPs and how to ensure you can highlight the value you offer as a brand.

Seedlip and Harvey Nichols on the value of brand awareness

This episode looks at the ever-elusive catalyst for purchase intent. How much ROI does a customer aligning with a brand truly generate, is it enough to occupy ‘mental real estate’ and be a brand they associate with something they associate themselves with?

Biscuiteers on personalisation in the world of gifting

This episode looks at how to stand out in the hyper-personalised world of gifting and how a well timed campaign can work as a method of growing loyalty and highlighting brand empathy. We also discuss which biscuits should always be included in your tin, besides Biscuiteers of course.

The Fold on building an accurate picture of your customer wants

This episode looks at the realities of providing for a customer base with a lot of purchasing power but limitations on what it can be spent on. The brand conducted its largest survey to date and revealed some surprising facts about the realities of curating products for the customers corporate industries.

Manière de Voir on working in a founder-led business

This episode looks at how to the brand has worked to innovate its automation campaigns and the ability to push ahead with forward-thinking retention marketing in a founder-led business. We discuss how the dynamic of the brand structure can play a part in what marketers are at liberty to innovate when there are targets to achieve.

 31 Dover on the realities of selling alcohol online

This episode looks at how ecommerce has shaped the way the brand markets

its products and how restrictions have led to more creativity in relating to customers.

Huel on growing from a niche to global brand

This episode looks at the super-speed growth of the nutrition brand and how they use their loyal customer base as both advocates and fellow-creators of products. We discuss how a brand can grow, appeal to a wider audience while not forgetting the ‘hooligans’ that have champions from the beginning.

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