Dann Partridge
Dann Partridge
Posted 28 June 2023

Generate campaign copy in an instant with Ometria’s AI Copy Creator

The dreaded blank page

You’re building an email template and those empty copy blocks are calling out for some dazzling wordsmithery. You need to capture attention without being verbose, resonate with one customer without alienating another, strike the right tone of voice without using the same copy you have before. It’s also 4 pm on a Friday, you’ve already had four Zoom calls this afternoon and there are ten things left on your to-do list. But you only need to write some words, how hard can it be? So you stare at the screen but the words… won’t… come. 

Chances are, if you’re sending regular customer campaigns as part of your day-to-day workflow, this scenario will sound familiar. Blank page syndrome is a real thing for CRM Marketers. On top of everything else you’re expected to do, writing unique and creative copy can take up a huge amount of time and mental overhead. After working with retailers for over a decade, we know that copywriting isn’t just a time (and brain!) consuming task, but it’s also one of the most difficult skills to hire for. 

So, we set out to create a feature that would harness the recent developments in AI to help retail brands overcome the dreaded blank page and do more with less.

Harnessing AI to power innovation

At Ometria we’ve been keeping close to the advancements in AI. If AI can be leveraged to help solve a retailer’s problem, make a retailer’s life easier, or make the experience of a retailer’s customer even better, we’re going to work to harness it for this use case. It’s clear to everyone, marketers and non-marketers alike, that the practical application of AI is in a place that it’s never been before. So just as AI is coming on leaps and bounds; the Ometria platform is coming on leaps and bounds with it.

We are therefore thrilled to launch our latest addition to Ometria’s AI feature set, which harnesses these advancements to the best of their ability. An Ometria feature created to provide retailers with an innovative and tangible solution to the daily battle of writing emails: the AI Copy Creator.

Campaign copy in an instant with AI Copy Creator

With Ometria’s AI Copy Creator, CRM Marketers can generate copy for email campaigns in an instant.

Say goodbye to writer’s block with the ability to create, summarise and expand copy of varying lengths and tones across both automation and broadcast templates. 

Fill headline and copy blocks with tailored wording at the click of a button – and with the ability to edit per block or by bulk, the whole team can populate and publish campaigns faster than ever before.

  • Save time by creating relevant and impactful copy using simple keywords.
  • Hit the perfect note by choosing from multiple tones and length options.
  • Full control means you can rephrase generated copy or even your own writing.

We were so excited to launch the AI Copy Creator that we showed it off at our annual Lifecycle conference earlier this month. Watch Chris, Lead Product Manager at Ometria, demo the feature live at Lifecycle23:

With the freedom to choose as much or as little content as you want, Ometria’s AI Copy Creator is the ultimate tool for CRM marketers.

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