How the luxury shirt-maker was able to seamlessly blend the off- and online customer experience.

55% increase in orders from returning customers
50% open rate from subscribers
27% increase in revenue

Ledbury is the luxury shirt brand bringing the spirit of London’s Savile Row to the States. With multiple branches across the country, the brand is making high quality shirts and tailoring more accessible to its Stateside customers.

The challenge 

Ledbury was opening more stores and wanted to learn how to effectively appeal to customers at each location. With stores ranging from Virginia to New York, it was imperative for the brand to learn how to maximize each customer experience. 

Ledbury also wanted to merge the experience of the customers in its brick-and-mortar stores with online, and encourage consistent purchases by learning about the buying habits of its customers at particular locations.

Prior to Ometria, Ledbury was using an email marketing platform with limited ability to deliver actionable data and power truly impactful insight-led campaigns. 

To achieve a consistent and personalized customer experience across social, email and offline, the brand needed to be able to create a seamless multi-channel experience. Ledbury needed insights that empowered the marketing team to create highly-targeted campaigns, without the need of additional stakeholders, like data scientists, to mine for learnings. The team needed a platform that could provide all the heavy-lifting and work alongside the marketing team to create sophisticated retention campaigns. 

This is where Ometria came in.


The solution

With customers engaging with the brand both online and offline (in-store and through direct mail), Ledbury wanted to be able to create a more complete picture of its shoppers at its various locations, and understand the tastes of customers by the products that proved most popular. Using Ometria, Ledbury were able to set up campaign flows that merged learning from across the stores, and send corresponding emails to customers. 


Personalized automated messages (based on offline purchase location)

Post-purchase emails were sent to customers who made a purchase at a brick-and-mortar store. These campaigns worked to connect both the online and offline experiences, keeping messages consistent and relevant. 

From offline to online: Using the Ometria platform, Ledbury was able to use customer e-receipts to send a post-purchase email. This then entered shoppers into a post-purchase flow that encouraged them to continue their shopping experience with the brand online by becoming a subscriber or continuing to shop online.

From online to brick-and-mortar: For customers who shopped primarily online, using their supplied zip-code, they were sent incentives to encourage them to visit a Ledbury brick-and-mortar store, closest to their given area. The incentives were further impactful by offering a discount on any item bought in a physical store, after the customer has made at least one purchase online. 

Using insight from the Ometria platform on customer orders per store, Ledbury was also able to further advance their personalized marketing by sending targeted broadcast messages to customers close to a physical store, with items that were most popular in that given location. 

This campaign achieved:

  • 50% uplift in open rate
  • 12% uplift in CTR


Perfectly-timed abandonment messages 

Ometria also gave Ledbury the ability to create sophisticated abandoned cart and browse campaigns. These messages were triggered to send 90 minutes after the customer abandoned the site. This email was then followed by another email 24 hours later (if there had been no engagement), with an offer to encourage the shopper to continue their purchase.

Ledbury was able to segment its abandonment campaigns based on category and product typeThis enabled the brand to further segment the messages based on customers’ tastes and habits. 

Using the Ometria platform, personalized offers on specific categories or items customers had shown interest could be sent to encourage purchase and highlight an understanding of their tastes, further aligning the recipient with the brand. 

Across 6 months, this campaign has achieved:

  • 55% increase in orders from abandoning shoppers
  • 27% increase in revenue


Ledbury Abandoned Basket


Ledbury Browse Abandonment

Engaging broadcast campaigns

The weekly subscriber email ‘Sunday shirting’, adds a personalised touch to a broadcast message going out to multiple recipients. Ledbury highlights a specific item, and notes what they and customers love about it. 

Using the Ometria platform, Ledbury was able to maximize the use of social proof in the hero images of customers wearing the shirt and make note for future campaigns. This campaign keeps subscribers engaged and aware of the value that the brand provides over any competitor. 


The Results

Using the Ometria platform, Ledbury has achieved:

increase in orders from returning customers
open rate from subscribers
increase in revenue

Ometria has allowed us to expand our segmentation strategy, focus our multi-channel marketing, and has facilitated further growth of our brand through its platform and support team

Graham McNeely, Customer Engagement Executive

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