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Ecommerce marketing platforms come in all shapes and sizes, so when it comes to creating personalized experiences that keep shoppers engaged and buying it can be hard to know which solutions are best placed to meet retail marketers’ specific needs.

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The Customer Data and Marketing Platform (CDMP) for Ecommerce

The Ometria platform brings together the data unification and customer insight of a customer data platform (CDP) with sophisticated cross-channel marketing orchestration, to help retailers create experiences their customers love.

The benefits for Ecommerce

Autonomy for Marketers

Marketers have access to all customer data in one place without reliance on specialist teams or third parties.

Cross-channel orchestration

Turn customer insights into sophisticated campaigns across multiple channels from one central location.

Advanced personalization

Easily create 1:1 personalized campaigns that target customers with the right message on the right channel at the right time.

Streamline your tech stack

Avoid the need to add point solutions into your Ecommerce marketing tech stack by bringing customer data and marketing orchestration capabilities together in one place.

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What is a CDMP?

Customer Data and Marketing Platforms (CDMP) combine the data capabilities of a CDP with the cross-channel marketing orchestration of an ESP or Ecommerce marketing platform.

What does this mean for customer experience?
CDMPs give retailers the ability to use customer data to personalize their experience across every marketing channel they interact with your brand on, all from within the same solution.

In a world where experience is the true competitive advantage in Ecommerce, customer insights need to be directly translated into effective, personalized cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Ometria is the only Customer Data and Marketing Platform (CDMP) built specifically for retail. By combining all the features of a retail CDP with end-to-end marketing orchestration tools, CRM marketers can ensure a consistent and engaging customer experience across all channels.

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Ometria’s Customer Data features

AI intelligence layer
AI Intelligence

Ometria’s Intelligence Layer surfaces customer insights and revenue opportunities directly to marketers allowing them to take action immediately.

Advanced customer segmentation
Advanced Customer

Segment customers by demographic data, behavioral insights, lifecycle stage, product and category affinity, plus many other attributes and create truly personalized experiences.

Single customer view
Customer View

Bring all customer data together, compliant with all data regulations, to form a single source of truth, without relying on third parties and other integrations.

Reporting and data analysis
Complete reporting
and data analysis

Easily analyze different cohorts, segments, and build reports based on orders, repeat rates, engagement and customer lifetime metrics.

What our customers say
Ometria allowed the furniture retailer to understand its customers and empowered the brand to communicate with customers at the right moment in their journey. This approach led to a 83% increase in CRM revenue.
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The heritage brand used multiple customer data points identified in Ometria to build targeted segmented campaigns that increased revenue by over 30%
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Having Ometria has completely transformed our approach to CRM.
Credence Pym, CRM Manager at Sigma Sports

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