Customer Data and Marketing Platforms

The definitive buying guide

Everything you need to know to understand CDMPs, evaluate and compare your tech options, and ultimately find the best fit for your brand.

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CDMP Buyer's Guide

Find out how to

Put experience first

The new world of retail is here and customer expectations are soaring. What capabilities does a modern retention marketing stack need?

Find the best fit

Is a CDMP right for you? Check the core capabilities against what you need using the checklist and evaluation template.

Sidestep potential pitfalls

It’s easy to rush or get distracted. Things to think about before you make the all-important decision.

Get the buy-in you need

How to streamline your buying process: Who should be involved, and how do you get cross-function buy-in?

The CDMP Buyer’s Guide
– what’s inside?

  1. Introduction
  2. The modern retention marketing tech stack
    • What are the retail over-performers focusing on?
    • What capabilities should a modern retention marketing stack have?
  3. What technology options do retail marketers have?
  4. Customer data and marketing platforms: a deep dive
  5. The buying process
  6. What outcomes do Customer Data and Marketing Platforms drive?
  7. Core capabilities and considerations
    • CDMP consideration checklist for retail
    • CDMP core capabilities evaluation template
  8. Final considerations

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