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Customer profiles

Ometria’s built-in customer data platform brings together data from all touchpoints to build a unified profile of each shopper.

What is a CDP?

Customer data platforms bring together all shopper touchpoints into a single, unified view of each customer. What's more, they do so in a way that is marketer-friendly, making it easy to put customer insight into action in personalized campaigns.

No more data silos

All your customer data, neatly organized in one place and updated in real time.


The autonomy to easily put customer data to action in campaigns without needing technical expertise.

Foundation for AI-powered marketing

Unified, comprehensive customer data is essential for accurately predicting customer tastes and behaviors.

Customer touchpoints

Ometria unifies all sources of customer data into a single view of each shopper.

  • Purchase history
  • Browse behavior
  • Marketing interactions
  • In-store/offline activity
  • Returns

Identity resolution

Identifying customers across any device that they use to browse and buy from your store.

Real-time data

Syncing all interaction and transactional data in real time for the best possible customer experience.

Data cleansing

Cleansing your database, identifying duplicate accounts and combining them into a single customer profile.

Integrates with the technology you're already using

Ometria seamlessly connects with your existing technology stack to ingest all customer data touchpoints. With out-of-the-box integrations with Shopify Plus and Magento, and experienced technical assistance integrating with custom retail setups, you'll be fully up and running with minimum hassle.

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Having Ometria has completely transformed our approach to CRM.
Credence Pym, CRM Manager at Sigma Sports

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