Customer intelligence

Ometria’s AI-based intelligence and orchestration layer – The Co-Marketer – continually provides real-time predictive insight, and evaluates and optimizes the revenue generated by the retention marketing strategy.

Which of my customers are going to lapse soon?
Which of my customers have VIP potential?
Who is most likely to want to buy this product?
When is a customer likely to interact with my message?
When's the best time to send a replenishment reminder?
The Ometria intelligence layer
Campaign optimization
Optimize your campaigns for the best results - from send time to split testing.
Attribute affinity
Identify customers that are most likely to be interested in specific categories or attributes.
Predictive segmentation
Segment your shoppers based on attributes, actions or predicted future behavior.
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Predictive product recommendations
Embed personalized product recommendations within your marketing messages, based on predictive tastes and behaviors.
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Predictive replenishment
Identify when a customer is likely to be running low on a replenishable item.
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Predictive lifecycle stages
Identify where each customer is in their journey with your brand, such as whether they're at risk of churning.
Sephora UK achieved 95% uplift in email revenue, with taste profiling and Ometria Labs
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Solving real-world problems with AI
We work closely with our clients to identify ways of making their lives easier with AI.
Pilots and case studies
We carry out pilots to identify whether new feature ideas deliver uplift, and share the results.
Partnering with customers
From prototyping to testing to delivery, we believe that the best solutions are built by partnering with our clients at every stage of the development process.


Ometria offers marketers detailed reporting into key customer-focused KPIs

  • Cohort analysis
  • Order reports
  • Segment analytics
  • Engagement metrics
  • Customer lifetime metrics
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