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Each customer is unique. They want their interactions with your brand to reflect that you understand them, whether its getting their favorite shade of lipstick right, or recommending the supplements they’re actually interested in.

Brands need a way to create personalized marketing experiences that capture attention and drive repeat purchases.

So, how can beauty and wellness companies do this?

They can leverage Ometria’s AI-driven customer data and cross-channel experience platform.

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Meet the CDMP Platform designed for retail brands

The Ometria platform has the data unification and customer insight power of a CDP with the cross-channel orchestration of an experience platform, and a new, AI-powered accelerator intended to help you get better campaigns to market faster.

With Ometria, beauty and wellness brands can easily and quickly create experiences their customers love across email, mobile, on-site, social, direct mail and more.

Customer data platform

Unify customer data from all sources to build a single, comprehensive profile of each shopper.


Cross-channel marketing

Design, execute and optimize the entire customer journey across email, mobile, on-site, social, direct mail and more.


Customer intelligence

Build sophisticated audience segments and leverage predictive customer insight for personalized cross-channel campaigns.

Trusted by the leading Beauty & Wellness brands
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Create flawless marketing campaigns 2x Faster

To stay relevant—and drive sales—beauty and wellness brands need a way to cut through the noise and be able to deliver personalized marketing campaigns at speed and scale.
Ometria’s personalization-focused marketing platform makes sending customers relevant marketing messages quick and efficient.

Personalization made easy
From campaign segmentation to dynamic content to product recommendations – use Ometria’s customer intelligence to tailor each message to its recipient.

Marketer-friendly visual editor
Ometria’s easy-to-use visual editor makes it easy to build email campaigns that your customers love.

Getting messages into inboxes
Ometria’s dedicated deliverability experts work with our clients to make sure that their messages get seen.

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Empowering Beauty and Wellness Brands through AI

AI-led marketing automation allows brands to work smarter, not harder, and provides strong results for beauty and personal wellness brands. Ometria’s AI-based intelligence and orchestration layer continually provides real-time predictive insight, and evaluates and optimizes the revenue generated by the retention marketing strategy.

Predictive segmentation
Segment your shoppers based on attributes, actions or predicted future behavior.

Predictive product recommendations
Embed personalized product recommendations within your marketing messages, based on predictive tastes and behaviors.

Predictive replenishment
Identify when a customer is likely to be running low on a replenishable item in order to re-market to them in a timely way.

Beauty shoppers' customer journey
Trusted by Leading Beauty & Wellness Brands

“We have been driving email response rates over the last 12 months, by targeting content in a somewhat manual way based on customers’ purchase behaviours. Ometria’s predictive segmentation tool has allowed us to take this a step further, enhancing segmentation based on a complex algorithm, and these results are very exciting to see! Letting the machine to do the work not only means less manual segmentation work for us, it ultimately improves the experience for our customer, which is always our end goal.”

Nicola Young
Head of CRM, Sephora UK

“We were blown away by the demo of Ometria’s platform and their Retail Success Model. We were looking for a partner to show that they understood our customers; can think like them, and can help us to create strategies to hit our goals. Ometria was the lever we were missing to help us to reach our growth target. We are confident that with Ometria’s help we can better understand our customers and tailor communication to hit these goals, and we are excited for the future of this partnership.”

Justin Feder
Director, Digital Channels & Strategy, Groupe Marcelle

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Having Ometria has completely transformed our approach to CRM.
Credence Pym, CRM Manager at Sigma Sports

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