Experience orchestration

Ometria combines a specialist retail customer data platform with cross-channel experience orchestration and delivery, for teams to move fast and grow revenue faster.


customer journeys

Use Ometria's retail-trained AI to fine-tune every customer's journey with your brand – from choosing the best channel to delivering messages at the perfect moment for them.


Cross-channel journey builder

Orchestrate sophisticated customer journeys across every channel, from a single drag-and-drop journey builder. Limitless opportunities to trigger, segment and tailor the customer experience.

Real-time customer audiences

Build advanced real-time customer segments, powered by Ometria's CDP, and activate them instantly in campaigns.

& dynamic content

Create a consistently personalized journey across every touchpoint, with dynamic recommendations, content blocks and smart templates.

No-code cross-channel template creation

Build and send beautiful marketing messages - no matter what channel - within clicks, no coding required.

Campaign blueprints

Start from scratch or use one of Ometria's out-of-the-box campaign blueprints as a starting point to your automation journeys.

Predicted next order
Abandon category browse
Predictive anti-lapse campaign
Custom date triggers
Loyalty tier change
Birthday campaign
Welcome campaign
Strategy deep dives

A/B testing and experimentation

Test, learn and iterate - get to peak campaign performance with the ability to test everything from content blocks to templates to cross-channel journeys.

Cross-channel campaign reporting

From granular to big picture - get a detailed understanding of the performance of your content, messages, and cross-channel journeys.

“It’s so easy. As soon as we got the keys to the platform, we were just able to immediately manage, execute and sync audiences across our email, SMS, push and even social campaigns.”

Brooke Camarda
Head of Ecommerce Analytics
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