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The Ometria AI suite

Use Ometria's range of AI-powered features to uncover new insight, personalize at scale, and get campaigns to market more efficiently.

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Retail-trained AI

Trained on 30B retail customer touchpoints, our specialist AI is optimized specifically for retail brands.

Growth & efficiency

Our approach to innovation is about results, not buzz. Our AI is developed to create real-world efficiency and growth.

Over a decade of data science pedigree

Our proprietary AI has a foundation of years of development and testing by retail data science experts.

The customer experience engine powering industry-leading retail brands


Repurchase rate increase




Net present value


Team efficiency gained

Aggregate figures taken from Total Economic Impact (TEI) report by Forrester Consulting

profile enrichment

Bring actionable predictive data into your customers profiles for better insight and targeting.

Affinity Modelling
Target customers based on their affinity with products, categories, colors, sizing and more.
Predictive lifecycle stages
Use predictive lifecycle stages to activate customers at key moments in their journey.
Predicted date of next purchase
Target customers when they're most likely to make their next purchase.
Predictive CLV
Identify and nurture potential high-value shoppers to drive up their lifetime value.

Al customer
journey optimization

Use AI to tailor each customer's experience at scale.

Predictive frequency
Discover the optimal number of messages to send to improve revenue and engagement.
Channel affinity
Target customers on the channels that they're most likely to convert on.
Next-best action
Offer every customer an individualized experience based on their behaviors and preferences.
Smart send-time optimization
Ensure your messages are received at the best possible moment.

Al content creation

Get campaigns to market faster than ever with generative AI content creation.

Al subject line generation
Generate on-brand subject lines in a flash with generative copy.
Al copy generation
Eliminate blank page syndrome with generative copy in your brand tone.
Al product recs
Recommend products based on each customer's unique taste profile.

AI-powered strategic insight

Discover Ometria's AI-powered strategic insight product for senior leaders.

Hyper-relevant peer benchmarking
Benchmark your performance across 27 key metrics to identify core opportunities.
Strategic growth opportunities
Identify specific campaigns and tactics that will drive growth.
AI audiences
Create behavioral cluster audience groups that can be used directly in your marketing.
Strategy deep dives
From physical retail intelligence to omnichannel customer mapping and more.

"Ometria’s predictive segmentation tool has allowed us to take this a step further, enhancing segmentation based on a complex algorithm... Letting the machine to do the work not only means less manual segmentation work for us, it ultimately improves the experience for our customer, which is always our end goal."

Nicola Young
Head of CRM
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