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From online to IRL – access real-time customer profiles to make every touchpoint a customer has with your brand special.

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Join up the online / offline divide

Get the full picture of each customer's shopping behavior with holistic customer profiles that incorporate online and in-store shopping data.

AI shopper profiling

Leverage AI to profile customers who shop online, offline, and across both, and understand their core behaviors and how to influence them to shop more.


Drive footfall & in-store engagement

Use geotargeted cross-channel messaging to target customers in specific locations to influence them to shop in your stores.



Enhance the in-store experience

Arm your in-store teams with Ometria-powered customer profiles to give each shopper a seamless experience.


Customer service data

Recognize customer service status in automated journeys

Give each customer a white-glove experience by temporarily pausing your regular comms while their issues are being resolved.

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