Data ingestion

Ometria's data ingestion engine transforms and consolidates any retail data source, ready to be actioned within our customer data and experience platform.

Out-of-the-box connectors

Native integrations with hundreds of best-in-class retail systems, commerce platforms, business intelligence tools and more, alongside robust SDKs, webhooks and REST APIs.

Flexible data transformation

Ometria's data ingestion engine provides full transformation capabilities, making any type of custom data sources immediately available in real time within the Ometria platform.


Ometria's robust data layer is built to process large and complex enterprise retail data sets, handling petabytes of data that is immediately activated within the platform.


Ometria's in-house integrations and onboarding teams are specialists within the field, making onboarding and integrating new data sources as quick and hassle-free as possible.

“Ometria allows us to have a complete picture of the customer. The platform ingests all of the retail data from our stores, which means we’re able to see what our retail customers are doing, as well as what our digital customers are doing, enabling us to have a holistic view of our customers”

Amy Harman
Head of Customer Marketing
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