Steve Madden x Ometria

"On day zero we were able to unlock insights and access that our business has never had before that have helped us connect online and offline customer behavior."

Hannah Sinclair

Director of DTC Retention Marketing & CRM at Steve Madden


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Lift in winning back customers


Increase in lead conversion

Steve Madden understands each and every customer

Steve Madden is an icon in American fashion. He started selling 500 pairs of shoes out of his car in 1990 with just a thousand dollars investment. Now, Steve Madden is in 80 different countries selling shoes, handbags and apparel.

For Steve Madden, at the heart of creating positive experiences is having a deep understanding of the customer.

By stitching together 13 online and offline data feeds from 200 stores in a centralized, accessible interface, Ometria’s CDXP transformed Steve Madden’s understanding of their customer.

With this newfound understanding, Steve Madden orchestrates and executes campaigns across email, SMS, push and social channels all from the same single interface where customer profiles are unified, Ometria’s CDXP.

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“Oh, it’s so easy. As soon as we got the keys to the platform, we were just able to immediately manage, execute and sync audiences across our email, SMS, push and even social campaigns. All through Ometria, we’re able to get a much clearer picture of the customer psyche and overall customer lifecycle.”

Brooke Camarda

Head of Ecommerce Analytics

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Watch the Video Case Study

Meet Hannah Sinclair and Brooke Camarda as they take us to the Steve Madden flagship store in New York to show us how mixing the art and the science of understanding their customer creates consistent, compelling cross-channel messaging that resonates.

Click play to see what goes on behind the scenes with a customer-obsessed and shoe-obsessed team.

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— Hannah Sinclair

Director of DTC Retention Marketing & CRM

"One major differentiation we’ve seen with Ometria is the focus on retail. The platform has built-in actionality that allows us to drill into retail-specific metrics and take action on our findings."

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Marni Dasanjh
Head of Social Commerce, Fred Perry

"The insight we gained from Ometria really is gold dust to us. The commercial results we’re seeing are really pleasing to see, and show that we are on the right track.”

increase in 12-month customer repeat rate
Nicola Young
Head of CRM

"Ometria's predictive segmentation tool has allowed us to enhance segmentation based on a complex algorithm, and these results are very exciting to see!"

uplift in AOV from email channel
Amy Harman
Head of CRM, Loyalty & Subscriptions, Hotel Chocolat

"Ometria are very much part of the CRM team. We work with them on our strategies, we work with them on new ideas and opportunities, and frankly, without them we wouldn’t be able to deliver what we do."

growth in email contribution to online revenue year over year

“The insight really is gold dust to us right now. The projections are powerful and eye opening, the objectives are clear with an achievable roadmap.”

Marni Dasanjh
Ecommerce Manager
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