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Discover your

next big growth opportunities

Architect is a strategic insight product for senior retail leaders. It uses retail-trained Al to surface customer insight and growth opportunities from deep within your data.

AI audiences
hyper-relevant benchmarking
predicted uplift 54%

AI-powered insight to level up your strategy

Tapping into a network of billions of retail data points, Architect helps answer core strategic questions at the heart of your brand's success.

Harness the power of retail-trained AI

Architect's 15 proprietary algorithms are trained on billions of retail touchpoints

Get real-time insight that you can trust

Architect surfaces continuous insights that can be directly implemented in your strategy.

Prioritize your most impactful initiatives

Architect models the impact of initiatives, so that you can focus on what matters.

“ Architect brings in billions of data points that no single human brain would be able to hold, and it allows us to find opportunities to drive our growth. The objectives that have come out of Ometria's Architect have been a game changer for us”

Bronwen Foster-Butler
Chief Marketing Officer
finisterre campaign

Strategic insights

from Architect

Hyper-relevant peer benchmarking

Architect benchmarks your business against an AI-generated relevant peer group across 27 key metrics to identify performance gaps and opportunities.

High potential strategic opportunities

Architect identifies specific campaigns and tactics that will drive growth, provides uplift predictions and gives you an action plan to implement them.

AI-built customer segments

Based on your commercial goals, Architect creates behavioral cluster audience groups, which can be used directly in the Ometria platform

High-value product journeys

Architect identifies key journeys by entry product and category, telling you which products can be used to expand AOV and drive repeat purchase rate.

Hybrid customer journey mapping

Architect profiles omnichannel, physical retail and online shopper segments, and makes recommendations to engage them.

Physical retail performance

Architect identifies the key performance drivers in each retail store, providing highest-potential best practices.

Powered by finely-tuned Al

Architect employs advanced data science models specifically tailored and trained to serve the unique requirements of retail brands. This means unparalleled accuracy and actionable insights that can be applied to achieve real-world outcomes.

30 billion retail-specific data points
15 proprietary algorithms
Actionable insights

Supported by retail marketing experts

Supporting Architect is a team of experts, who are on hand to guide you in using the Architect product and implementing the strategic insights across your business.

ometria team
Laura Hickey
Senior CRM Manager, Interflora

"Using Ometria has had a significant impact on our ability to send relevant marketing messages to our customers and allowed us to make the business case for further investment in the CRM strategy.”

increase in revenue from automated campaigns
Brooke Camarda
Head of Ecommerce Analytics

"As soon as we got the keys to the platform, we were just able to immediately manage, execute and sync audiences across our email, SMS, push and even social campaigns."

Repeat Rate
Marni Dasanjh
Head of Social Commerce, Fred Perry

"The insight we gained from Ometria really is gold dust to us. The commercial results we’re seeing are really pleasing to see, and show that we are on the right track.”

increase in 12-month customer repeat rate
Amy Harman
Head of CRM, Loyalty & Subscriptions, Hotel Chocolat

"Ometria are very much part of the CRM team. We work with them on our strategies, we work with them on new ideas and opportunities, and frankly, without them we wouldn’t be able to deliver what we do."

growth in email contribution to online revenue year over year
Nicola Young
Head of CRM

"Ometria's predictive segmentation tool has allowed us to enhance segmentation based on a complex algorithm, and these results are very exciting to see!"

uplift in AOV from email channel

“The insight really is gold dust to us right now. The projections are powerful and eye opening, the objectives are clear with an achievable roadmap.”

Marni Dasanjh
Ecommerce Manager
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