Finisterre x Ometria

"Since joining Ometria, our marketing team have really become unstuck. Not only do they finally trust the data, but we can get twice as much done as we could before."

Bronwen Foster-Butler

CMO at Finisterre

Finisterre's mission

Finisterre was born over 20 years ago, founded by Tom Kay and is based in Saint Agnes in Cornwall. Combined with Tom’s love of the sea was the desire to build a brand for cold water surfers, for whom no other brand was truly speaking to, without coming at a cost to the planet. 

Finisterre’s been growing ever since, and is committed to being credible and authentic within the market and to always do so. In 2018, the brand became the first UK apparel brand to achieve their B Corp status, and have been improving their score ever since.

Finisterre continuously invests in innovation, in particular around sustainability. Whether it’s their repair service ‘Lived and Loved’ or the Beaumont Project, where the brand invested in growing a flock of British Merino sheep, Finisterre is a market leader in sustainability.

CMO at Finisterre

a girl on a surf

"It’s so important that Ometria are experts in retail. The fact that we can go in and they can give us not only strategic guidance, but benchmarking and KPIs that are actually relevant to us really allows us to know what good looks like and also where there’s opportunity."

Bronwen Foster-Butler



Watch the Case Study

We took a trip to meet the team in St Agnes, Cornwall, to find out what life at Finisterre is all about and how Ometria helps the team to understand their customers and execute with agility.

Click play to see how the Finisterre team bring their mission to life with a helping hand from Ometria.


"The integration with Ometria was seamless and pretty much effortless. We needed to go live within five weeks, and we managed to hit that timeframe with the support of the Ometria team."

Victoria Davies

Head of Technology


Case studies

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Nicola Young
Head of CRM, Feelunique (now Sephora UK)

We have been driving email response rates over the last 12 months, by targeting content in a somewhat manual way based on customers’ purchase behaviours. Ometria’s predictive segmentation tool has allowed us to take this a step further, enhancing segmentation based on a complex algorithm, and these results are very exciting to see! Letting the machine to do the work not only means less manual segmentation work for us, it ultimately improves the experience for our customer, which is always our end goal.

uplift in revenue per email
Andy Boddy
Head of Digital at LuxDeco

"Ometria has enabled us to seamlessly understand the user, and customer signals to build an effective, efficient and successful marketing program. It’s allowed us to place the customer at the heart of our decision making."

increase in lapsed customers "won back"
increase in return customers on previous period

“The insight really is gold dust to us right now. The projections are powerful and eye opening, the objectives are clear with an achievable roadmap.”

Marni Dasanjh
Ecommerce Manager
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