The clothing retailer was able to deploy campaigns twice as fast and improve its customer retention with Ometria


increase in repeat customers


faster speed to market for personalized campaigns


over revenue target for Black Friday

The challenge

EGO is a fast-growing and trend-led online shoes and outfit retailer focused on young female shoppers. Over the last two years EGO has experienced remarkable growth, which brought about a new set of challenges. But with those challenges came opportunities…

EGO’s exponential growth has been on the back of a strong customer acquisition. To make this growth sustainable, it was necessary for EGO to turn its attention to customer retention.

“Each month, the majority of purchases were being made by new customers,” says Jessica Herbert-Maynard, CRM Manager at EGO. “So we wanted to focus almost entirely on customer retention and the customer experience, and in turn increase the number of repeat customers we were seeing.”

To achieve this, EGO needed first of all to understand its customers, and then be able to execute a CRM plan to improve its customer retention. However, its existing marketing platform was not up to the task. It could not give them the customer intelligence they needed to see the best strategies to take, and building campaigns was time-consuming and difficult. 

So, EGO needed a new solution, and that’s where Ometria came in. 

The solution

New insights into the customer base

As part of the onboarding process, the Ometria team performed an audit of EGO’s customer data to identify key opportunities. This gave EGO insights into where customers were in their lifecycle – whether they were active, at risk, or lapsed, for example.

On top of this, the EGO team could see which product categories had an affinity link to other categories. This means that for example, they could see that when customers bought heels they were more likely to buy accessories later. 

The Ometria platform gave EGO ongoing insight into its customers and the performance of its campaigns. “I do the data analysis myself,” Jessica said. “I pull together a report every week and can assess what is working and what is not and adjust our thinking.” 

The data and the insights have allowed EGO to perform a number of optimizations to its campaigns and then easily see the results in the platform. The team were able to segment customers based on viewing and purchasing behaviours and then target them with relevant products and messaging. On top of this, they were able to A/B test subject lines and optimize for send times. 

Easy-to-build personalized campaigns

One of the drawbacks of EGO’s previous solution was how difficult it was to use. It was challenging to build broadcast and automated campaigns: simple campaigns and more complex customer journeys took considerable time to build. 

“Ometria is very user friendly, regardless of previous experience with CRM platforms,” Jessica said. ‘Our designers are able to build email campaigns quickly using Ometria’s templates and we’re able to operate at a much higher speed than before.’ 

As a result, EGO could build many more automation campaigns than was possible before. Previously only Welcome, Abandoned Basket and Birthday email campaigns were set up, but now with Ometria the team were able to build out the following campaigns:

  • Win back lapsed
  • Win back at risk
  • Abandon browse
  • Abandon category browse
  • Post first purchase 
  • Post repeat purchase 
  • First purchase anniversary

Focus on customer experience

With EGO’s goal of improving customer retention, it was necessary for Jessica and her team to execute a new strategy.  The goal is to place primary focus on automation, with broadcast being scaled back and used only for targeted campaigns.

By creating these more personalized customer journeys, EGO can improve the quality of the customer experience it is providing, without sacrificing revenue. To do this, they needed to build out segments based on product affinity, customer lifecycle stage, and more.

“The Ometria platform makes these segments very easy to build out,” says Jessica. “The ability to segment and filter your audience is very good. Once we have these attributes, we can build intricate personalized customer journeys.” 

As well as this, EGO is able to use the customer segments it builds in the Ometria platform and sync those to its social advertising platforms. This allows the paid advertising team to produce targeted social campaigns with related imagery, which generates a more complete customer experience. 

The results

Since moving to Ometria, EGO has consistently improved its number of repeat customers month-on-month. Overall the figure is 63% higher than it was nine months before. On top of that, EGO is exceeding revenue targets. For Black Friday 2021, the team beat their revenue targets by 41% in the UK and 75% in the US, with conversion rates being well above target too. EGO is able to achieve a speed-to-market that is twice as fast as it was before they joined Ometria, with campaigns taking around half the time to produce.

— Jessica Herbert-Maynard

CRM Manager, EGO

"Ometria is crucial in helping us understand the customer experience. Not only do we now have excellent customer insights, we are able to efficiently personalise customer journeys based on their behaviours and needs, while hitting revenue targets."

Case studies

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"Our team made it an immediate priority to adapt to the rapid changes caused by COVID 19, pivoting processes and working styles where needed. We have been able to work more efficiently and tailor our comms to our audience using real-time insights. This has resulted in far stronger email engagement and revenue, allowing us to support our independent boutiques through this challenging time."

increase in click-through rate
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increase in orders from returning customers
increase in revenue from returning customers

“The insight really is gold dust to us right now. The projections are powerful and eye opening, the objectives are clear with an achievable roadmap.”

Marni Dasanjh
Ecommerce Manager
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