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Learn how Hype. was able to recognise and reward its loyalest customers by engaging them across multiple channels

Hype. began as a self-funded project back in 2011. After winning a t-shirt competition, the clothing brand loved by fashion wearers across the country, had to expand to meet the demand with its flagship store in London, followed by a further one in Taiwan. Now available to customers globally via their e-commerce site, the tongue-in-cheek brand has become a staple.


increase in revenue from returning customers


increase in email subscribers


uplift in repeat purchases

The challenge 

Hype. wanted to re-engage customers who had abandoned the site after browsing or were high value and hadn’t purchased from them in a while. They knew that their shoppers do not just use email to keep up to date with their latest products, so needed to be able to create cross-channel campaigns to also craft tailored messaging. With such an array of products, the fashion brand wanted to keep its customers excited but not overwhelm them with messaging once they left the site. 

The brand also wanted to showcase how much they value the loyalty of their VIP customers, learning more about what they purchase and how they can offer even more customer experience that those shoppers will love. Without a platform that possessed the ability to segment customers into groups, the brand would not be able to determine who their most faithful spenders were to thank them for their loyalty. 

To achieve a personalised customer experience that empowered the marketing team to have frequent touchpoints without feeling overwhelming; the brand needed to be able to create a seamless multi-channel experience; which looped back to email. Hype. needed insights that empowered the Marketing team to create well-timed campaigns for shoppers who abandoned and personalised experiences for VIPs, without the need of additional stakeholders, like data scientists, to mine for learnings. They needed a platform that could provide all the heavy-lifting and work alongside the marketing team to advance retention campaigns. 

This is where Ometria came in. 

The solution

To create truly memorable campaigns the brand re-thought the timings and incentives around its abandonment campaigns and used learnings from cross-channel campaigns across Facebook to engage brand new customers as well as craft tailored messages to VIP customers, who were engaged with across email to further unify their brand experience and feel appreciated. 

Basket abandonment campaign 

Triggered emails were sent to customers who had browsed the Hype. site but were yet to make a purchase. As the brand wanted to pique the interest of the customer while the brand was still fresh in their mind, they timed emails to be sent to shoppers an hour after they had  left the site. These emails were split across brand new customers and those who had already made a first-time purchase. 

As customers who had already made a purchase, now had stake in the brand, Hype. encouraged them to complete the purchase by reminding them of the aesthetic value of the item they had yet to take through to checkout. This method, highlighted that customers can remain loyal to a brand if they align with the brand story and not solely because of the discounts offered. 

With brand new customers, Hype. knew they would have to include an incentive for the shopper to have a stake in the brand story and become a loyal repeat-buyer. Counter to the emails sent to those who had already made their first purchase, this email to brand new customers included an incentive to encourage a return to the site and getting the item through to checkout. 

This campaign achieved:

20%  increase in repeat purchases

69% increase in first purchases

1.05% conversion rate with second purchases (percentage of recipients who placed second order

3.7% conversion rate with first-time purchases (percentage of recipients who placed their first order)

VIP recognition campaign 

Hype. wanted to be able to recognise its most loyal customers and reward them for choosing to spend with them over a competitor. Using the Ometria platform, the brand was able to make a specific campaign flow that:

Triggered an email to be sent to customers once they had spent a specific amount that qualified them for VIP status. These emails then included customers in a campaign flow that gave them early access to new releases, seasonal sales and offline experiential experiences. These personal touches worked to showcase the value that returns customers have for brands and the importance of retention in the overall marketing campaigns. 

These customers were also synced to Facebook, and with the Ometria platform Hype. could further engage with VIP customers who may not be as responsive across email. This ensured that regardless of their most loyal customers’ preferred method of contact, they would be engaged with to be made aware of their new status. 

Cross-channel Facebook campaign 

Ometria also gave Hype. the ability to create impactful cross-channel campaigns, primarily across Facebook and Instagram. 

Hype. was able to create a lookalike audience to target new customers, those who had made a first-purchase, across Facebook and Instagram. Using the Ometria platform, the brand was able to further segment these customers based on the category of the item they had bought and cross-sell additional items to complement their most recent purchase. 

The brand was also able to target those who had subscribed via email but were yet to make a purchase, using social media as an additional platform to engage with them and encourage them to return to the site or to their inbox to make purchases. 

With Ometria, the cross-channel campaigns synced seamlessly with email creating a consistent experience for all customers who were engaged with. The insights, which had more scope than platforms previously used by the brand, armed them with a more detailed data-set to be able to make segmentation as effective as possible. 

The Results

Using the Ometria platform, Hype. has achieved:


uplift in repeat purchases


increase in revenue from returning customers


increase in email subscribers


increase in first purchases

Case studies

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Victor Bellec
CRM Manager at Wolf & Badger

"We saw a big difference after we began using Ometria. Now it’s easy for us to navigate through our data and create campaigns that instantly drive great ROI."

rise in overall online revenue
Kate Sandell
CRM Manager, Cox & Cox

"This campaign has been really successful for us. It was an idea that we had as a team, but we couldn’t have done it without the insights and functionality the Ometria platform gave us. On top of that, we were able to use highly personalized product recommendations using the Ometria recommendation engine. We’re delighted with the results of this campaign."

increase in conversion rate
Faith Baker
Retention Lead, Patch Plants

"This win-back campaign really shows how using the right touchpoint for the right situation can improve such an important metric for us. The Ometria platform made it really easy to set up this test and give us the tools we need to succeed. As an outcome of this test, we are going to roll out more automated SMS campaigns through Ometria which aim to bring interesting content to Patch customers, and in turn improve repeat rates."

increase in revenue per contact for lapsed one-time purchasers

“The insight really is gold dust to us right now. The projections are powerful and eye opening, the objectives are clear with an achievable roadmap.”

Marni Dasanjh
Ecommerce Manager
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