It took just 17 business days for Tech21 to get up and running, and generating revenue with Ometria.


to fully integrate all data into Ometria


generating Ometria-driven revenue by week two

It took just 17 business days for Tech21 to get up and running, and generating revenue with Ometria.

A boundary-pushing retailer, Tech21 specialises in game-changing phone cases using scientifically tested shock-absorbing materials to create the most intelligent protection on the planet. 

Tech21 wanted to put the customer at the heart of everything they do, and needed to move away from their existing ESP in order to achieve this. The marketing team had ambitious plans to grow their direct-to-customer offering and identified the need for sophisticated customer insight in order to create great experiences for each shopper. 

Having identified Ometria as the solution that would best help them meet their goal, Tech21 needed a quick integration with their new Shopify Plus platform, so that they could set about creating this great customer experience as soon as possible. With that, the Ometria team got to work. 

Working closely with Tech21’s integration partner, Space48, the Ometria team set about bringing Tech21 on-board by:

  • Taking a hands-on approach to onboarding, including walking through the integration process over screenshares. 
  • Integrating and ingesting existing customer data into the Ometria platform, and helping build a greater understanding of Tech21’s customers with analytics and cohort analysis.
  • Presenting Tech21 with fully-functioning HTML templates that they were able to use immediately, and so send emails much quicker than before. 

As a result of this rapid onboarding process, Tech21 completed integration just 17 business days after signing the contract. With the light touch email templates generated by the Ometria team in just three hours, Tech21 were able to start sending emails from the off.

The results

All of which meant that within the second week after going live, Tech21 were able to identify revenue that had come directly from the Ometria platform, meaning that time-to-value was less than 30 business days.

— Cat Evans,

Global Marketing and CRM Director

"We were impressed with the speed that Ometria could work at and the support we received throughout the process. We were able to see value and begin to see ROI within a very short window."

Case studies

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increase in return customers on previous period
Amy Harman
Head of CRM, Loyalty & Subscriptions, Hotel Chocolat

"Ometria are very much part of the CRM team. We work with them on our strategies, we work with them on new ideas and opportunities, and frankly, without them we wouldn’t be able to deliver what we do."

growth in email contribution to online revenue year over year
Kate Douglas
Senior Customer Marketing Manager

"Our team made it an immediate priority to adapt to the rapid changes caused by COVID 19, pivoting processes and working styles where needed. We have been able to work more efficiently and tailor our comms to our audience using real-time insights. This has resulted in far stronger email engagement and revenue, allowing us to support our independent boutiques through this challenging time."

increase in click-through rate

“The insight really is gold dust to us right now. The projections are powerful and eye opening, the objectives are clear with an achievable roadmap.”

Marni Dasanjh
Ecommerce Manager
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